Need An Emergency Electrician? Troubleshooting Electrical Issues In Homes | Conway, SC

Need An Emergency Electrician? Troubleshooting Electrical Issues In Homes | Conway, SC

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Although electricity comes with lots of benefits to your home, having a faulty system could render it inhabitable. Home electrical fires lead to about 500 deaths and 1400 injuries in the US annually. Homeowners should, therefore, be very cautious while dealing with electrical issues and learn about how to detect and solve electrical problems. The ideal and secure solution is to immediately contact an emergency electrician if you notice an electrical default in your home since solving it yourself could be dangerous. Below are some tell-tale signs that allude to electrical problems.


Transients are commonly known as electrical surges and when they occur, they look like a lightning-fast striking of light. Overvoltage during an electric flow causes the surges, and this can damage electrical appliances that are operational at that particular time. This can lead to high repair or replacement costs for electrical equipment if you don’t address the problem on time. Whenever you notice transients, switch off your main source of power, and seek consultation and repair services from a qualified electrician.

Tripping circuit breakers

If you have multiple power-consuming appliances operating at the same time and getting electricity from the same source, circuit breakers can start tripping. This implies that your home and electrical items have protection, so you shouldn’t stress. However, persistence in trips can be quite annoying and inconvenient. The consistency indicates that there are current flow issues in your electrical system. You should contact an emergency electrician to look at your main electrical panel for the diagnosis and repair of the tripping problem.

Recurring bulb burnouts

It would be so irritating and expensive to keep on replacing bulbs after a very short time due to frequent burns. You may think the problem is with the quality of the bulbs you purchase, but there may be an underlying issue with your electrical system. The burnout problem can be due to factors such as high voltage and wattage, improper electric current circulation, faulty wiring, or tightly fixed bulbs. You can examine your bulb holder to check whether it’s loose or worn-out. Otherwise, schedule a session with an emergency electrician in Conway, SC, to fix the electrical problem.

Sags and dips

Sags and dips are brief reductions in the voltage of electricity that flows through an electric system. They occur when you use poor quality power grids that draw more power than what your appliances can handle when you turn on your switches. If the problem carries on, your power controlling device is probably outdated or damaged. You should have an emergency electrician analyze the electrical system to identify and fix the sag and dip problem.

High electricity bills

The average annual electricity bill per household in the US was around $1334 in 2017. Sounds like a substantial figure, right? Well, you could still spend more than the stated amount in your home if your electrical system is faulty. The reasons behind this problem can be outdated electrical appliances with no power-saving features, destroyed wiring and circuits, and electrical system leakages. You can replace your old electrical devices with modern ones, so why not seek repair solutions from an emergency electrician for these services and any other repair solution necessary.

Electrical shocks

Have you ever experienced an electric shock when turning on or off your appliance? If so, don’t assume you’re the reason that happened. There are about 30000 electrical shock incidents recorded annually in the USA. If you don’t take care of the problem urgently, the shock may worsen and cause bigger problems such as injuries or even death. There are innumerable reasons you may experience an electric shock, and from an electrical point of view, the causes may include backstabbed wires, faulty appliances, or power leakages. Consult with an emergency technician to fix the problem since you wouldn’t want to experience another shock when trying to mend the issue by yourself.


Also known as a residual current device, an RCCB works to identify and prevent low voltage circuits if an electric current leak occurs. The device automatically turns off switches if it detects a leakage when the current flows unusually. If your RCCB fails to work, you may suffer electric shocks whenever a current leak occurs. While this problem may be hard to diagnose, it’s wise to talk to an emergency electrician to have your home’s circuits safeguarded with the device.

Aluminum wiring

As physicists put it, Aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity, almost twice as good as copper. This feature made it a more suitable solution for wiring in the past. It is however estimated to be the reason behind the occurrence of home fires. To try and curb the problem, electricians opt for copper wiring in modern fixtures. You can seek wiring replacement solutions from an emergency electrician who will replace your aluminum wiring system. Copper is a suitable alternative since it’s less susceptible to oxidation.


Before shopping for bulbs for your residential property, you should consult an emergency electrician to get specifications for the most suitable products in terms of wattage. Some homeowners may mistakenly fix low-wattage bulbs on high voltage light fixtures. This may increase the risk of melting the socket connected to the fixture and the wire insulation due to extensive heat emitted by the bulb. Worse still, there may be a possibility of electric fires. Why not get professional help and avoid the eventuality of electric hazards?

Grounding issues

Grounding problems include a lack of GFCIs in your grounding system and ungrounded connections. A GFCI is a device that breaks the electric circuit whenever there’s an imbalance between outgoing and incoming current. Having an emergency electrician install a GFCI on your grounding system will go a long way in preventing electric fires, overheating wires, shocks, and burns. The technician can also take care of unground connections to make the grounding system function effectively.

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Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach has experienced professionals who offer electrical solutions that range from new installations to repairs. Our services include electrical panel checkup and repair, wiring maintenance, and surge protection, among others. If you’re a homeowner in Conway, SC, and are facing problems with your electrical system, all you need to do is give us a call. We are available 24/7 and we will be glad to help you out.

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