Safety Tips From An Emergency Electrician To New Homeowners | Myrtle Beach, SC

Safety Tips From An Emergency Electrician To New Homeowners | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Welcome to your new home, a place you can enjoy but that also has many systems including electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning, and these days networking, security, smart home systems, and more. You’re probably compiling a list of professionals to call in case you need help with any of these systems, and at Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach, SC we would like to be on that list for your electrical needs. As part of your new home welcome, let us introduce ourselves and our services as both a general professional electrician service and an emergency electrician who responds when things are going wrong quickly. Here are a few tips for home electrical safety, and some guidelines about when you should consider calling for emergency electrician help.

Typical Signs of Trouble For Which Clients Call Us

Many of the emergency electrician visits we make involve concerns with smoke, smell, and shock related to existing electrical wiring. People see smoke, often when an item is plugged into an outlet or a switch is turned on, or they smell a harsh smell in similar situations. Sometimes these develop over time when there are wiring problems or overloads that cause heating of the wires and eventual smoke or ignition and fire. In addition to serious electrical shock, people sometimes experience a tingle or other minor effect of stray electrical current, which could have been more serious if they had made contact in a more direct way. Our emergency electrician can chase down the source of the stray power and ensure that no one gets a serious electrical shock from it.

Less Obvious Electrical Problems That Need Attention in Your New Home

Being a new homeowner can be overwhelming, and it’s easy to miss smaller issues that could become bigger later on, especially electrical ones. Loose outlets, lights that flicker when you turn them on, sparking noises when you unplug, anything that doesn’t seem quite right can be a sign that a problem is developing. It might not be time to call an emergency electrician, but a prompt inspection of potential issues can avoid trouble. You might also notice electrical additions that don’t look like the rest of the house, outlets that don’t fit right, or switches that are positioned a bit lower than the rest. Those could be signs of work done by a previous homeowner, worth checking to make sure they were done right. Professional electricians know a lot about the details of installing circuits, and sometimes those details aren’t followed by the untrained. Even if your home was well inspected before purchase, you’ll get to know it a lot better than the inspector ever could.

Good Electrical Habits That Will Help Protect Your Home and Family

You can pick up extension cords, grounding adapters, and other accessories at the dollar store, but should you? In most cases, there’s a better and more permanent solution to your electrical challenges. These days, with phone chargers and computers, smart speakers, and gaming systems, there are never enough plugs. Rather than using cheap fixes long-term, why not have the outlets and circuits installed to meet your needs? For older homes, that can also include getting grounded outlets so your three-pronged equipment plugs right in. Many changes in electrical requirements for newer construction came from the experiences of emergency electricians. There’s an electrical reason for that third prong, too, and having it properly connected helps protect you and your family. When you have extension cords providing additional outlets or longer connections, there are risks of overloaded and damaged cords that can easily turn into disasters. As our emergency electricians can tell you, a damaged, overloaded extension cord running under a rug is a fire starter. And yet, it’s tempting to improvise when you need your equipment running and get on with the day. Let us help you avoid temptation.

Thinking About Electrical Upgrades and Renovations

If your Myrtle Beach, SC home needs electrical upgrades like grounded outlets, more outlets, or additional circuits for all your gear, it probably needs GFCI outlets too. These are the outlets with two buttons and a light that you’ll see in kitchens and bathrooms of newer homes, hotels, and anywhere people are using electricity near water, even outdoors. They sense a potential shock situation and cut off the power quickly, potentially saving lives. This is one of the top items for new homeowners to make sure they have installed when they have an electrician come in. Our team also does all the new wiring and electrical panel upgrades you need to have a modern service even in your classic home. That can include more space for circuit breakers, circuits to support your hobbies in the garage or new appliances, and wiring for networks, home theater, and security systems. We’re experts at running wires professionally through your walls and ceiling so they won’t be seen but will be safe.

Our Team Is Ready to Help You Get the Most Out of Your New Home’s Electrical Features

Wiring for smart home equipment, LED lighting upgrades, sound systems, dimmers, and ceiling fans are just a few of the ways we can make your home more convenient and modern. Rather than providing an emergency electrician when your older wiring acts up, we’d love to inspect your home’s electrical systems and make a plan to address both safety issues and wish lists. As a new homeowner, it’s good to have confidence in your home’s wiring and enjoy a few new features that suit your lifestyle.

For New Homeowners and Anyone Needing an Expert Electrician, Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach, SC

Our team provides emergency electricians, general electrical services, and professional help with your home’s existing wiring and future upgrades. We’re an ideal resource for new homeowners who want to keep their homes safe and up to date, answering your electrical questions and helping you make the most of your power. Contact us at Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach for information and prompt service.

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