Should I Call An Emergency Electrician? Am I Dealing With An Electrical Emergency? | Conway, SC

Should I Call An Emergency Electrician? Am I Dealing With An Electrical Emergency? | Conway, SC

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There are a lot of little things that go into being a responsible homeowner, from paying your bills on time to taking care of the inner workings of your house. What’s even more important is understanding when you’re dealing with a serious problem that requires emergency assistance, particularly when it comes to electrical emergencies. Even though you aren’t a professional, you should still have a basic understanding of when it’s time to call an emergency electrician. If you want to prevent serious electrical catastrophes at your Conway, SC, home, here’s how you can tell if you’re dealing with an electrical emergency or not.

Why Are Electrical Problems Dangerous?

When it comes to problems around the house, some are a lot more dangerous than others. There isn’t a whole lot of risk associated with a clogged toilet, but electrical problems can pose serious safety risks. So, what exactly makes electrical problems so dangerous?

The interesting part about electricity is that the energy that transfers power from one place to another is also transferring heat. This means that the main thing you have to worry about when it comes to calling an emergency electrician is preventing fire hazards. Any time you’ve got an electrical issue that’s causing sparks, smoke or any other potential fire hazard, you should call a professional right away.

Even seemingly small electrical problems like flickering lights can indicate that you have a fire hazard in your home. This can also be the case if you notice your breakers are tripping more than they should be. If you notice any electrical problem in your home, it’s probably a good idea to call an electrician to make sure it’s not an emergency.

Electrical Panel Problems

Your electrical panel is one of the most important components in your home’s electrical system. All the power that enters your home is routed through this electrical panel. This is also where you’ll find the circuit breakers that allow you to (and automatically) cut off power to various parts of your home, so it’s very important that you have a functioning electrical power.

An electrical panel problem is a great reason to call an emergency electrician. Not only do these problems affect every part of your home, they can be very dangerous when it comes to damaging other parts of your electrical system. While there are ways for an electrician to fix an electrical panel, it may be best to simply upgrade the panel if yours is nearing the end of its life. Not only will a new electrical panel generally solve your problems, but you can also upgrade to something more powerful or that allows you to add onto your home.

Wiring Problems

Another crucial part of your home in terms of the electrical system is the wiring itself. If you’ve ever watched those TV shows about people purchasing their dream homes, you’ve probably heard of some of the wiring problems that are fairly common in older homes. The thing is, wiring problems are one of the easiest ways to start a fire in your home, so they definitely warrant a call to an emergency electrician.

In some cases, it could be that an electrician or ambitious homeowner made a wiring mistake before you moved in. It could also be that the wiring in your home is very old and simply needs to be replaced. No matter what the problem is, you should always call an electrician if you think you may have bad wiring in your home.

Other Electrical Emergencies

In addition to bad wiring and electrical panel problems, there are a host of other electrical emergencies you can have in your home. For example, you should always call an emergency electrician if you notice an outlet getting particularly hot, smoking or discoloration. You should also be aware of the various signs that you may have a problem with your wiring or electrical panel, which include:

  • Circuit breakers frequently tripping under normal load
  • Lights flickering when the light switch is in the “on” position
  • Multiple light bulbs burning out days or weeks after installation
  • Active speakers making a noise when electricity is used in other rooms

When it comes to electrical problems, you can never be too careful. If you suspect you may have a serious problem that could cause a fire or put you at risk for electrocution, you should always call an emergency electrician.

Handling an Electrical Emergency

In addition to understanding when you’re dealing with an electrical emergency, you also need to know what to do while you wait for help. There are a few different things you should keep in mind when you call an electrician to handle an electrical emergency:

  • Any electrical work should be handled by a professional following proper safety protocol


  • If your problem is related to an outlet, move any furniture away from the outlet


  • Make sure you create a clear path for your emergency electrician to access the problem


  • If the problem presents an immediate risk to you or your home, ask your electrician if it’s safe to shut off power to your home

When in doubt, remember that it’s always best to leave potentially dangerous work up to the professionals.

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Now that you know what to look out for in terms of electrical emergencies, you can do a better job of protecting your family and your home. As soon as you notice a problem that could potentially be dangerous, you can call an emergency electrician and make sure you take the necessary steps while you wait.

When you have an electrical emergency, Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach has your back. Whether you’re in Myrtle Beach or Conway, SC, we can send an emergency electrician to your home in a hurry to get your power back up and running. Give us a call at 843.429.8965 whenever you need an electrician.

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