When To Contact A Professional Electrician | Myrtle Beach, SC

When To Contact A Professional Electrician | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Electricity is energy. This powerful energy is used to power all of the appliances in your household. This powerful force is contained through a series of components your electrical system has put in place to protect your property and prevent injury. Electrical systems have evolved over time to be safer and power more things. If your electrical system is missing essential safety features or is malfunctioning in any way, you must contact a professional electrician right away. Professional and licensed electricians have the knowledge and experience to ensure their safety, your safety, and the safety of your property. Amateur electricians have no such thing. Extensive knowledge of the electrical systems, state codes, and regulation, as well as prior experience,

are all necessary skills someone needs to work on your electrical system. An electrician license indicates that the individual and the entity hiring that individual are completely equipped to handle any electrical situation that comes their way. If you live in the area, and are in need of a licensed professional, contact Mister Sparky for all of your electrical service needs.

How Does Your Electrical System Work?

To understand when your electrical system is malfunctioning, it helps to know how it’s supposed to function. There are many components in your electrical system that fit together to create your home’s electrical system.

The main components of your home’s electrical system are the wires, the electrical panels, and the outlets. These features are needed in order for you to enjoy the electrical power you do now. If any of these components were to become faulty or malfunction, you should contact a professional and licensed professional right away. Knowing how they work and are supposed to function will help you determine whether or not an electrical repair or inspection is needed.

The Electrical Panel

The electrical panel may be the single most important safety feature of your electrical system. After the electricity from the energy company travels all the way from there to your home, it passes through the electrical panel. The electrical panel is where the electric load is dispersed into different circuits in order to power every outlet, light switch, and possible electrical appliance in your home. The electrical panel is also where the circuit breakers reside. Circuit breakers are safety measures put in place to prevent circuits from becoming overloaded with too much of an electrical current at one time. Circuit breakers can be tripped manually and automatically.

Everyone should know where to locate their electrical panels. Electrical panels can usually be found in the garage, the basement, and sometimes the attic. If you do not know where your electrical panel is, you can consult your owner’s manual or a professional.


Wires are an obviously important feature of your electrical system. Wires are different in different parts of your electrical system and designed to conduct certain amounts of energy. Overtime wires can become frayed or broken to constant wear and tear of the materials. This is why old and outdated electrical systems present huge electrical issues. Electrical wires and cables must be periodically maintained and updated to prevent wear and tear issues. If your system is old, the chance is some of your wires have become faulty. Contact a professional to update your system. If you live in or around the Myrtle Beach, SC, area, contact Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach to have your res inspected and replaced if need be.

Outlets and Light Switches

Last but not least, the electricity that travels from the electrical energy plant, through the cables and wires along the roads, and through your electrical panel, is conducted with the electrical panels and is finally ready to power your devices as it waits behind the electrical outlets and light switches. The electrical current sometimes directly powers appliances like the water heater or furnace. Outlets are designed to be plugged into and light switches directly connect the conduit to your light fixtures in our home. Outlets and light switches require maintenance and inspection periodically. Preventive maintenance on light switches and outlets ensures they remain grounded and safe for use.

If your outlet isn’t working, sparking, or malfunctioning, contact a professional right away.

When To Call A Professional Electrical Technician

If you notice anything unusual stemming from your home’s electrical system, you should contact a licensed professional right away. There are signs that may pop up, prompting you to contact a professional or emergency electrician. Do not ignore these signs. Acting fast on electrical repairs can end up saving your life, your property, and preventing further electrical damages from occurring.

Buzzing Sound

If you hear a buzzing or zapping sound when running on your lights or using outlets, stop using those electrical appliances right away. Buzzing or zapping around, emanating from your electrical system is a clear sign of an electrical malfunction. Do not hesitate to contact an emergency electrician right away.


Sparks emanating from any electrical fixture are never a good thing. It is also a serious fire hazard. Refrain from using the devices or outlets that are sparing until a professional can inspect and fix the issue, causing the sparks to occur.

Burnt Outlets and Light Switches

If the outlets in your home are exhibiting signs of damage via burn signs or burning smells, stop using them immediately. This is an indication the outlets are getting too hot. This can happen due to fault or frayed wires, an ungrounded outlet, or unchecked surges. Contact an emergency electrician to assess the damage, identify the cause, and repair it before using it again.

Black Outs

If your electrical system completely stops working or if multiple electrical circuits are tripping at one time you need to contact a licensed professional. It is common for a circuit breaker to trip every once in a while, however, it is not normal for multiple circuits to trip at one time. If this happens your electrical system may need some serious work.

If you are experiencing any of these malfunctions, stop what you’re doing, and contact an emergency electrician right away. If you live in or around the Myrtle Beach, SC, area, and are in need of an emergency or preventive maintenance electrician, contact Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach for assistance.

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