The Way Your Electrical System Works: An Electrician Can Help | Myrtle Beach, SC

The Way Your Electrical System Works: An Electrician Can Help | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Electricity is a powerful and amazing force. The way electricity is harnessed to power your home is a fascinating and complicated process. Electrical systems need to be strong and well maintained in order to harness all of the electrical energy needed to power your home and all of the appliances in it. Electrical systems that have not been well maintained will experience more plumbing malfunctions than those with a preventive maintenance electrician plan. However, electrical malfunctions can happen in any home and at any time. Paying attention to the signs of an impending malfunction will help save you a lot of money, prevent electrical fires, and shock. If you live in the area, contact a professional local professional, such as Mister Sparky, for urgent electrical repair and regular maintenance.

How Does Your Home’s Electrical System Work?

All electrical systems pretty much work the same. Once the electricity is transferred from the power plant to your home, the energy is distributed into a series of circuits that then powers your home and devices. There are many components that go into making your electrical system functional and safe. If any of these components were to become faulty you would need to contact an emergency electrician right away. A malfunctioning electrical system can be extremely hazardous. Electrical malfunctions could result in extensive property damage, electrical fire, and electrical shock. To prevent these disasters from occurring pay attention to your electrical system and hire a preventive maintenance electrician to maintain it.

The Wires

One of the most important components of your electrical system is the wires. The wires conduct t electrical power to bring you electricity. There are many different types of wires. If any of your wires were to fray or snap in any way, that electrical current would become compromised, causing further damages to your system and presenting several hazards to your safety and property. It can be hard to prevent wires from fraying because they are out of sight. If you notice any irregularities in your electrical system, a frayed or damaged wire could be the culprit. Contact a professional electrician if the electrical system is malfunctioning in any way.

The different types of wiring include casing, capping, batten, lead sheath, and conduit wiring. There are two kinds of conduit wiring. Surface conduit and concealed conduit wiring can be found in most home electrical systems. Surface conduit wiring is usually installed in walls, ceilings, and roofs. Concealed conduit wiring. A concealed conduit wiring is usually hidden in slots of walls and brick. Casing and capping wires aren’t used as much in modern electrical systems. Lead sheath wiring is usually made of 95 percent of lead. Batten wiring is a single or group of electrical wires that are placed over a batten. Battens are usually made of wood and do not conduct electricity.

There are plenty of other wires involved with your electrical systems, however, these four types of wires can usually be found inside of your home’s electrical system. These wires have been carefully placed and installed to appeal to homeowners cosmetically, as well as be safe and practical for everyday use. Wires and cables can easily be replaced with the help of a professional electrician. Old, outdated, unsafe wires have no place in the home, contact a professional electrician to have them replaced. If you live in the Myrtle Beach, SC, area and are in need of a professional electrical technician, contact Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach to help you maintain and repair your electrical system wires.

The Panel and The Circuit Breakers

When electricity enters your home, it immediately passes through a panel with circuit breakers. Every home is required to have this life-saving electrical appliance if their home has electricity. The electrical panel is where the circuit breakers reside. Your electrical panel can usually be found in the garage, basement, and sometimes the attic. If you do not know where your electrical panel is located, refer to your home owner’s manual or your preventive maintenance electrician will show you. Knowing where this panel is located is important for electrical safety.

The circuit breakers in an electrical panel are designed to break electrical connections. These circuit breakers can also reconnect the electrical current to that circuit. Circuit breakers are also set to automatically break the circuit when there is an influx of energy. This safety feature prevents electrical surges from becoming electrical disasters. An electrical surge occurs when a circuit’s electrical current rises beyond the set amount, the circuit breaker will trip it. You could also break the circuit manually, however, the automatic tripping of the circuit is much faster and efficient at preventing electrical surges from continuing.

If your circuit breaker’s automatic tripping feature were to suddenly stop working, there would be nothing to stop those electrical surges from getting out of control and leading to property damage, electrical fires, and shock. If your circuit breakers continue to trip, you may have an electrical system issue. You should contact a professional electrician to fix the issue and stop the circuit from breaking.

You want your circuit breakers to continue working and breaking circuits when the electrical current is out of whack, however, if I continue to break, it can be a bit of an annoyance to have to constantly turn it back on. The goal is to prevent your circuit breakers from tripping by figuring out why it’s happening. Other than electrical surges, your circuit breaker could be tripping due to a faulty wire, too many appliances on at one time, or electrical system damage.

The Outlets and Light Switches

Once your electricity passes through all of the necessary channels it is transferred to your outlets and light switches. You can plug in a device or turn on the light, and if your electrical system is working as it should, it will power that device or light bulb. If it is not powering your device or appliances your circuit may have tripped or something could have malfunctioned somewhere in the system.

Your electrical system is complex. The components that make up your electrical system need to be maintained periodically to increase efficiency and ensure your safety. If you live in or around Myrtle Beach, SC, contact Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach to hire a professional electrician for electrical system maintenance and repair.

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