10 Common Electrical Problems For Residents Your Electrician Can Help With | Conway, SC

10 Common Electrical Problems For Residents Your Electrician Can Help With | Conway, SC

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Did you know that an estimated $1.3 billion property is lost annually to home electrical fires? It’s easy to blame the nation’s electric power suppliers without even checking the power wiring systems in our homes. However, outdated wiring systems are some of the causes of domestic electrical fires.

When fitting household electrics, your safety is vital. High electricity bills, damaged appliances, and flickering lights signal electric problems. Being conversant with prevalent electric issues is imperative and helps you identify the causes and find solutions. Here are 10 common electrical problems and their solutions.

Electric Shocks

Once in a while, you may experience an electric shock. It doesn’t have to be extreme; short static shocks are quite common. Electric shocks may be fatal, and you shouldn’t have to go through such horrible experiences. You may encounter this problem if your house has backstabbed wires and power leakages.

To know what causes frequent electric shocks, you should have your electrical system and appliances examined by an electrician. It is risky to test the devices on your own if you don’t know the root cause. So, always consult a certified electrician.

Frequent Light Bulb Failure

Aren’t you tired of replacing your bulbs every time they malfunction? At some point, you’ll question the quality of the bulbs. However, the issue may result from other electrical devices in the house. High voltage, improper air circulation, and tightly installed bulbs may be the root cause.

You should check if the bulb holder is depleted or loose. If everything looks okay and the issue persists, it is imperative to consult a professional right away. This will save you money, and you will hardly need to replace your bulbs again in the long run.

High Electric Bills

Are your electricity bills inflated when you’re hardly consuming power? You should check what could be causing this issue. Some of these causes may include damaged wiring systems and circuits, leaking electrical systems, and outdated electrical appliances. You should keep track of your electricity bills to check if the problems are consistent.

To keep electricity bills at a minimum, economizing consumption would be a great idea. If the problem persists, you should seek help from an electrician.

Voltage Sags

Voltage sags, also known as voltage dips, are drops in electricity voltage levels. They may arise from multiple issues, including harsh weather, transmission line defects, and grounding or wiring mistakes. If you notice the power frequently goes on and off in your home or lights keep on flickering, your electrical system may be experiencing voltage dips.

Also, if some of your power-consuming appliances turn off while there’s electricity, it may imply there’s a low voltage issue. Voltage sags can be inconvenient. When you experience such matters, immediately contact an electrician to assess if the problem is within your electrical system and fix it. The technician will also ascertain if the problem is coming from your energy supplier, and at this point, you may have to file a complaint to the respective company.

Backstabbed Electric Wires

This problem arises when the insulation materials have cuts and holes exposing naked wires. If people come in contact with these wires, electrocution chances are very high. When you notice such wires, you should turn off the power supply and cover the exposed parts with tape. That is a temporary solution, and the tape may come out after some time. Finding an electrician to fix the situation will protect you and your family.

Aluminium Wiring

Copper is a better choice than aluminum for wiring purposes. With time it became the cause of many electric fires. Aluminum is susceptible to oxidation. This metal reacts with combustible materials such as wood or plastic to cause an electric fire.

You can use copper, which has lower oxidation properties than aluminum, is equally ductile, and cheaper. To be on the safer side, it is necessary to have professional electricians install the copper wires. If wires are installed well, electric fires will reduce in Conway, SC.

Electric Surges

This issue is caused by poor electrical wiring, malfunctioning power lines, faulty appliances, or lightning strikes. Electrical surges last for a short time. If they recur frequently, they may damage the electrical equipment or reduce its lifespan.

It is paramount to inspect all your electrical wires connecting the devices to the primary power grid. The electrical power surges ought to stop; if they don’t, you should conduct a professional to fix the problem.

Circuit Overloads

Each device consumes certain levels of electricity when working. When you use more power than what your circuit is designed for, you’ll likely experience a circuit overload. The wire insulation materials and sockets may melt from the excessive heat emanating from the fixture, causing electric fires.

It is crucial to install the right bulb in its designed fixture. Sometimes you may not know the wattage your fixture handles. In such circumstances, electricians recommended you use smaller bulbs or 60-watt bulbs. If you fix the bulb and it still blows, you should approach a professional.

Defective Light Switches

When the house gets old, some electrical appliances become outdated, including wires. With time the wires start getting out of the sockets because of inefficient wiring. You may encounter electric shocks from such wires; switches may malfunction if wires overlap or are outdated.

Consulting with a professional may help you identify the problem and ensure that the wires are taped securely to minimize potential risks. Relying on temporary repair means that you’ll have to pay for more repairs when the wires lose their grip again. You may want to consider a complete replacement of the faulty.

Flickering Lights

If you’ve experienced flickering lights, you know how frustrating that can be. This problem may be systematic or may affect specific locations only. It’s always dangerous when left unchecked. Causes of concern range from outdated switches, breakers, and wiring. If the flickering is only on a single fixture, you should check if the wires are loose.

Before doing that, check whether your lights are turned off to avoid electrocution. Improper electrical work is both annoying and dangerous. Home electrical fires may cost your property or even your family. Using quality electric appliances may prevent this problem. If you’re not sure how to fix the problem, opting for an electrician is the best solution.

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