10 Facts Your Electrician Wants You To Know | Conway, SC

10 Facts Your Electrician Wants You To Know | Conway, SC

As long as you use electricity in your home or office, then in one way or another, you’ll be faced with an electrical repair of some kind. While you may attempt to fix minor issues, such as a tripped circuit breaker, there’s no denying that the help of an experienced electrician in Conway, SC is priceless for those complex electrical problems.

With this understanding, your electrician wants you to know some things you probably didn’t know about this complicated world of electricity. Keep reading, and you’ll appreciate it.

Please Don’t Do It Yourself!

A DIY electrical project gone wrong is the worst news ever. Experimenting with electricity is a no-no! If you do, you risk your life and that of your family, let alone starting an electrical fire in the neighborhood, and your five-minute amateur job results in the loss of millions of dollars worth of property.

And the National Fire Protection Agency has statistics to cite. Indeed, the cost of making a call to your electrician is nothing compared to your safety.

Never Ignore the Signs

It’s true electrical faults are of different magnitudes and sizes. But this doesn’t mean you brush issues aside because you think they’re “minor.” Take any warning sign in your electrical system seriously – any trustworthy electrician will gladly tell you that.

Whether it’s a circuit breaker that keeps tripping or won’t reset, a light switch that is seemingly too hot, or a popping sound from an outlet, you should approach these problems with utmost prudence.

Overhead Power Lines Are Live!

The only reason you see birds stay alive is that they aren’t touching the ground to allow for a complete circuit. In other words, the only easiest way out for the current is the cable itself. The truth is overhead power lines are usually not insulated.

Perhaps, except for the spacers at electric poles, most overhead lines are weatherproofed. But given that the lines are raised so high from the ground, this isn’t much of a problem unless they fall or an arborist knocks on them when pruning a tree.

And while these lines that a worker could come into contact with are insulated, with time, that insulation deteriorates, exposing bare wire eventually.

Approach all overhead lines with a lot of caution. Let the electrician handle any issues that may occur in addition to that. Don’t ever take chances!

Vampires Are Real!

Yes, energy draws are real! Unlike the blood vampires in the movies, electrical vampires will drain thousands of dollars from your wallet due to skyrocketing energy bills.

Heavy-powered electrical appliances and devices that work through remote control require a steady flow of current to wake up fast. In addition, items like phone and laptop chargers will continue to draw power from the outlet even when you’ve not connected your device.

In most cases, When you contact your electrician concerning your ever-increasing electricity bill, the first potential culprit they’ll go for is vampire devices in your home.

My License Is Your Cover

It’s disappointing that some homeowners go for the cheapest offers even without caring whether or not the electrical service person they’re hiring is licensed. For most states, professional electricians must have a valid license.

So if you meet an electrical service provider that doesn’t have one, that’s a red flag. There’s a high likelihood that an unlicensed electrical provider isn’t insured as well.

If something goes amiss after the work is done and you try to call them, they may refuse to answer your calls. However, a licensed electrical service provider in Conway, SC is accountable for their mistakes, which lifts the burden off your shoulders.

Look at Reviews, Not Just Price!

When looking for a reputable electrical contractor in Conway, SC, online reviews are a great source of information to help you choose the best. Knowing what past customers say about the contractor is very crucial.

You might be surprised that the very person offering the lowest bid is also the one with the most negative reviews at the worst rating. Should you hire them and they do substandard work, you’ll probably spend more to have the mess fixed by a pro.

Please Be Careful with Space Heaters

It will help if you take caution while using space heaters to avoid electrical emergencies. Best practices require you to turn the device off if you’re to leave the house.

This is because leaving while your space heater is running might cause a loss of connection, and the plug could get burned. You should give the heater enough room to breathe and turn it off when it’s not in use.

Your Light Bulbs Might Not Fit the Fixture

If you’re upgrading to the newest, energy-efficient light bulbs, such as LED, but you’ve old light fixtures in your home, chances are your bulbs may not be compatible with these fixtures. Thus, you’ll need to contact an electrician for new fixture installation.

Get as Local as You Can

Partnering with an out-of-area electrician is all fine. But think of times when you’ve got an urgent electrical issue and the service provider cannot come in immediately! The situation could get worse.

Again, if they travel a long distance to reach you, that cost will be factored into your final bill. Conversely, if you hire someone near you, they might attend to your issues quickly – and a bonus, charge you less.

Don’t Force a Circuit Breaker

They are called circuit breakers because they break the circuit, and that’s for your good. If your breaker keeps turning off, find a trained electrical service specialist who can help diagnose and fix the issue.

But never try to hold it in place by taping it down to stop it from tripping. That will only lead to more problems down the line.

Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach: Your Most Trusted, On-Time Electrical Provider

Insights like these from knowledgeable electrical service pros are undeniably resourceful. At Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach, we work to ensure electrical safety for all our customers, residential and commercial.

Our electrical service scope covers electrical and appliance installation, interior and exterior lighting upgrades, and generator installations. We also do general electrical repairs. For emergency electrical services, schedule online or call Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach as soon as possible!

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