9 Electrical Safety Tips For Your Home From Your Electrician | Conway, SC

9 Electrical Safety Tips For Your Home From Your Electrician | Conway, SC

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Working with electricity is dangerous. At home, family members should take extra precautions to avoid serious injuries related to electricity. If you have teenagers, make sure you educate them on how to properly use home appliances to avoid accidents. Keep out all electricity-related equipment or tools away from smaller kids.

Below are some safety tips you can practice at home. If in doubt, you can always contact your local electrician.

1. Perform Regular Inspections

Make it a point to inspect all electrical systems regularly. This is the most effective way to watch out for trouble or warning signs before they turn into serious accidents. Some areas you need to watch out for include the wiring. Check whether they are damaged or in good condition. If you are adding new furniture in your homes, check for the electrical load. If possible, schedule an inspection with a licensed professional in Conway, SC. A professional should be able to do repairs immediately if there are any. He can also advise whether you would need to upgrade your system to make it more efficient.

2. Call the Experts

You will be tempted to save money by taking advantage of DIY on the internet for fixing electrical problems. Another option would be to call an inexperienced handyman to help you. That may help but it’s not a guarantee. The best person to call for emergency electrical services or any electrical service would be a licensed electrician. Their experience would ensure your safety and your home’s safety. Working with inexperienced handymen could lead to major accidents or dangers.

3. Wear Protective Equipment

No matter how simple the electrical task is, make sure you are wearing rubber gloves and shoes. You cannot be complacent with electricity as it’s extremely dangerous. It’s always better to take extra precautions all the time. Rubber gloves and shoes should prevent electricity from entering the body. Make it a point to also use tools that have non-conductive materials in them or rubber for reducing electrical shocks. If you do not have the tools, it’s always best to contact a professional in your area right away.

4. Repair or Replace Damaged Cords

It’s important to regularly check your electrical systems to find out whether everything is in working order including the electrical cords. Damaged cords pose a serious risk — that may lead to electrocution or fires. If they are cracked, make sure you replace them right away. Contact an electrician in Conway, SC if you do not know how to replace damaged cords.

For the power cords, never staple them. You cannot put them under rugs either or they may overheat. Those unused cords must be kept out of reach of children. Store them in a dry place and away from hot surfaces.

5. Turn Off Power When Doing Electrical Fixes

If you are doing some minor fixes, always turn off the power first. Never attempt to do repairs when power is still on. If you have circuit breakers, turn them off. To make sure no one turns them back on, always put a small note saying not to touch anything as you are still doing some fixes.

6. Use Correct Wattage for Home Appliances

To avoid electrical accidents, make sure you are using correct wattage for your lamps, bulbs and appliances. If there is no info, always go with 60-watts or lower. Contact a licensed electrician if you are not certain what to purchase for your home. Check all outlets if they are properly working and never overload your electrical sockets. Talk to your electrician if you need more electrical sockets for your home.

Make sure your appliances get enough air circulation too. Otherwise, they may overheat. Also, never use any appliances in an enclosed cabinet and do not store flammable objects close to any home electronics or appliances.

7. Keep Devices and Outlets Away from Water

Electricity and water are not a good combination. It is deadly for it will cause electrocution. Keep them always dry for your safety. If you have kids at home, contact an electrician in your area so they can make your home safer for the kids.

8. Unplug Unused Electronics

One of the safest and simplest things you can do at home is turn off all electrical appliances when not in use. You will not only save power but it will also prevent power surges and overheating. It may be inconvenient for some people to do this but there is an effective solution so you never fail to turn off the power again. Consider setting up SmartPlugs for your home.

9. Follow Manufacturer’s Appliance Instructions

If it is your first time using a home appliance, make sure you read the manual first. The manual will give you detailed instructions on how to safely operate it. It’s important that you follow what is written to avoid electrical accidents. The manual should also teach you how to maximize the appliance’s efficiency. Should you experience any problem using the product, either you contact the manufacturer immediately or have it checked by a licensed electrician. Do not use the product unless it is checked by a professional.

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