Effortless Ways to Increase the Life of Common Household Appliances | Electricians in Shallotte, NC

Effortless Ways to Increase the Life of Common Household Appliances | Electricians in Shallotte, NC

Have you recently bought a new fridge? Are you looking for tips to make it last longer?

Our homes are packed with numerous electrical appliances. Every room in the house has different appliances that work together to make our lives comfortable. The truth is that our lives totally depend on these appliances. We use the fridge to store leftover food, the washing machine to clean clothes and the microwave oven to heat food. If these appliances weren’t present in our homes, our lives would have been tedious and uncomfortable. We would have to wash our dirty clothes by hand and heat leftovers on the stove. We should really be thankful to the people who invented these electrical appliances.

Electrical appliances are like every other piece of equipment that needs a lot of care and maintenance to function properly. Electricians in Shallotte, NC suggest that every homeowner must take care of all their electrical appliances and keep them clean to ensure that they work properly.

Here are some fantastic tips to take care of some of the most common home appliances. Make sure you follow these tips so that your appliances last for a long time.


Your fridge stores all of your food and drinks and protects leftover food from going bad. It provides you with loads of yummy midnight snacks and you don’t even bother to take care of it? All you do is bring soda cans and bottles from the grocery store and stuff them inside the fridge. Do you know that overloading your fridge can cause it to break down eventually? According to electricians in Shallotte, NC, this is one of the major causes of fridge breakdowns.

The fridge needs space for circulating air so make sure that you do not overload your fridge with a lot of items. Always leave space for air to circulate inside. Moreover, clean the compressor coils present on the backside of your refrigerator using a vacuum cleaner and a brush.

Apart from keeping the exterior clean, focus on the interior as well. Breadcrumbs, juice droplets and tiny bits of your favorite brownie always find a way to sit in the inner corners of your fridge. Get in the habit of cleaning your fridge regularly so that it remains clean from the inside. According to electricians in Shallotte, NC, these tips will help in maintaining the health of your fridge and make it last longer.

Microwave Oven

Electricians in Shallotte, NC have reported that microwave ovens are one of the most commonly misused electrical appliances. People do not know which kinds of containers should be used to heat food inside it. They end up using metal containers and storage boxes which causes the microwave oven to malfunction. Also, make sure that you place your microwave oven in an open place that allows ventilation. If you keep it in a closed space, it will heat up and its internal components will get damaged.

Just like the fridge, tiny food particles and gravy droplets mysteriously end up sitting inside the microwave oven. Make sure to clean it regularly so that you can enjoy the sound of popcorns popping inside it.


Have you ever wondered how people end up using the same dishwasher for so many years? The secret lies in regular maintenance and proper usage. Electricians in Shallotte, NC suggest that you should not use the dishwasher to wash anything other than the dishes. The internet might tell you that you can also clean other household items using the dishwasher but that will only damage your appliance.

Regularly check the metallic parts of your dishwasher for any signs of rust. Get the rust repaired or replace the rusted part with a new one. Moreover, regularly cleanse your dishwasher from the inside. You can use a store-bought dishwasher cleaner or use a lemon solution to clean it.

Washing Machine

Can you imagine doing the week’s laundry without the help of a washing machine? Washing dozens of clothes by hand in a day will leave you tired and exhausted for the rest of the week. To save yourself from the hassle, take care of your washing machine to make sure that it lasts for a long time.

According to electricians in Shallotte, NC, one of the most common mistakes people make is adding too much washing powder. This causes the water inside to spill and seep into the electrical motor. As a result, the machine stops working and people call electricians for repair. So, if you wish to make your washing machine last longer, do not add too much detergent and regularly clean the washer tub to remove mineral buildup and scaling.


To keep your dryer running smoothly, clean the filter every time you dry the laundry. Lint builds up on the filter and slows the performance of the dryer. Electricians in Shallotte, NC recommend cleaning the dryer exhaust at least once a year. This will make sure that your dryer runs smoothly and lasts a long time.

Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners make sure your house is clean so you must ensure that it remains clean as well so that it can function properly. Like all other appliances, a vacuum cleaner needs regular maintenance. Make sure to wash or replace filters according to the type that’s present inside your vacuum. Also, do not overload the vacuum with dust in an attempt to clean everything in one go. Empty the vacuum bag regularly so that the motor does not put too much of an effort in cleaning. Overburdened motors cause vacuum cleaners to break down and that’s when people look for electricians in Shallotte, NC.


Have you recently bought a new LED TV and wish that it lasts you for a lifetime?

Proper care and precautions will make sure that your LED TV lasts for a long time. According to electricians in Shallotte, NC most people do not switch off their TV when leaving the room. This causes it to work unnecessarily and decreases the number of “useful” hours that it is supposed to work.

The brightness and contrast of the TV can be controlled by the user. Always make sure that the brightness and contrast levels of your TV are not set to very high settings. Set them at a low level to make sure that your TV does not work too hard and break down too soon.

Follow the above-mentioned tips to make your appliances last for a long time. In case any of your appliances need a repair, always consult a reliable electrician. Mister Sparky is known for providing the best electricians in Shallotte, NC. For further details about their services, visit their website or give them a call at 843.213.6610.


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