Electrical Appliances for Dorms | Electrical Contractors in Myrtle Beach, SC

Electrical Appliances for Dorms | Electrical Contractors in Myrtle Beach, SC

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You are starting a new phase of your life—college. You have prepared for everything and have bought textbooks, stationary and clothes. You have even gotten all of the décor items and groceries for your new dorm room. You want to start this year off right.

But you seem to be forgetting something—essential appliances. It might do you good to have an array of electrical appliances in your dorm room for your convenience and your roommate’s.

But since you might be moving out for the first time, you might not know which appliances to get. Well, we can help with that.

Here are some of the electrical appliances you can get for your dorm rooms that can be easily installed by electrical contractors in Myrtle Beach.

Electrical Heaters

You should get heaters, portable or otherwise, for your room in order to stay warm in the winter. Electrical heaters can be installed easily by electrical contractors in Myrtle Beach, SC and can be great assets when you are sick in the winter.

They can help warm or dry wet clothes if you have been in the rain. They can protect from cold weather-related illnesses and let you be more productive a student as a result.

You should also get water heaters installed by electrical contractors in Myrtle Beach, SC if it is allowed in the dorm. This can let you have warm water in your bathroom so that you do not get sick from cold showers on December mornings.

Air Conditioner

It can get hot over here in Myrtle Beach, SC, especially during summer semesters. Dorms are where you’ll be studying, living, eating, and sleeping for most of the year. In Myrtle Beach, SC, that could mean you have sweat and deal with the excruciating heat.

Installing an air conditioner, using the help of an electrical contractor in Myrtle Beach, SC, can be a useful measure to prevent the heat exhaustion, sleeping troubles, irritability and dehydration that can happen in hot dorms.

A window air conditioner or split can be an ideal choice for a dorm room and can make your life infinitely easier. So if you are planning to move into a dorm, you should consult with an electrical contractor in Myrtle Beach, SC for air conditioner sizing and installation.

Vacuum Cleaners

Even if you have cleaning services available in your dorm, you are going to have to pick up after yourself once in a while. This requires tidying up, dusting, laundry, and vacuuming. Although you do not really need to get a giant, industrial-sized vacuum, you should get a mini vacuum just in case.

This will allow you to clean the carpeting, floors, beds, sofa, chairs and even the curtains. You should especially get vacuums if you have dust allergies or any other kind of allergy. The latter will be aggravated by any kind of indoor pollutant, like dust or debris.


You are going to be spending an awful lot of time at the college you are enrolled in and you are going to spend even more time in your dorms. Therefore, you will need the sustenance that refrigerators are bound to provide.

Refrigerators are used everywhere to store food, drinks and even medicine. If you plan on having drinks, snacks or even food in your dorm room, you should definitely get a mini-fridge for storage and cooling.

You should get a mini-fridge if you have any kind of medical ailments, allergies or other medicinal needs. For instance, if you need insulin for diabetes, you will need to have a mini-fridge to store the needles in a cool place at all times. Any kind of medicine that needs to be refrigerated should also go in a mini-fridge.

Almost every dorm in Myrtle Beach, SC,uses refrigerators for these purposes. If food is not stored in the fidget can spoil and drinks cannot be stored or cooled properly.

Microwaves Ovens

Microwaves are essential staples in most Myrtle Beach, SChouseholds and are used for heating, thawing, cooking and even baking food in regular houses and apartments in Myrtle Beach, SC. They can serve whole families and young professionals and they can even be useful for dorm residents and starving college students.

You’re going to need a microwave when you are a college student living on your own in Myrtle BeachSC. With classes, papers, and possible job commitments, you are not going to have time to cook a three-course meal in the dorm kitchens.

You might even get sick of the food served in the cafeteria and have to rely on cheap alternatives. These alternatives, especially ramen noodles, are often made through microwaves. You can use microwaves to cook a number of things, actually, including mug cakes and even macaroni and cheese.

You will need microwaves to heat up or make soup, coffee or tea when you are sick or tired from a long day of cramming for finals.


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