Electrical Panel Issues That Will You Will Need a Professional Electricians Service For | Shallotte, NC

Electrical Panel Issues That Will You Will Need a Professional Electricians Service For | Shallotte, NC

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The electrical panel, also known as the breaker box in your Shallotte, NC home is the heart of the whole electrical system. The electricity from the national grid enters your home through the box and is then distributes it to each of the lights and appliances. Because the electrical panel is the heart of your home’s electrical system, it is essential that you are able to recognize the signs that there could be something wrong. If your electrical panel is malfunctioning and is not replaced or repaired, it can result in a blackout, electrocution, or an electrical fire. If you do suspect that there is an issue with your electrical panel, you should not try to make it a DIY project. Electrical work is dangerous and complicated; therefore, the job should only be handled by a professional in electrician services.

Frequent Tripping of the Circuit Breakers

Years ago, homes contained fuse boxes. When a fuse was overloaded, it would blow and need to be replaced. Thanks to advances in technology, you no longer need to make sure that you have a supply of new fuses in your home. Modern electrical panels contain circuit breakers. If a circuit is overloaded, it will trip. This would require you to reset the circuit.

If the circuits in your Shallotte, NC home are often tripping, there is a good chance that your electrical panel is malfunctioning. If your electrical needs are more than your board can handle, it will also cause your circuits to trip. If this is happening, you should contact a professional in electrician services immediately. If the electrical panel is malfunctioning, it should be repaired before it stops working altogether, which would cut the power to your home. If an overload is what is causing the problem, there is a high risk of an electrical fire if you don’t have the panel upgraded. The sooner you call for electrician services, the better.

The Breakers Won’t Reset

If you reset the circuits in your electrical panel in your Shallotte, NC home after they trip, but the power doesn’t stay on long, it is a sign that there is a problem. Before calling a professional in electrician services in Shallotte, NC, you should first try unplugging a few appliances. If doing this keeps the power on when you reset the switch, it is a sign that you are trying to use more electricity than your electrical panel is capable of handling. This would require electrician services to replace the panel with one that can handle the amount of power that you require. If unplugging some of the appliances in your home doesn’t help, and the breakers don’t stay reset for long, your electrical panel will need to be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Signs of Burning in the Electrical Panel

The most serious sign that your electrical panel needs to be repaired or replaced is signs of burning in the electrical panel. If you smell something burning around the panel, you should turn off the power immediately and call a professional for emergency electrician services. The same is true if you notice charring or burn marks inside the panel. If you ignore the issue, there is a very good chance that the electrical panel can catch fire, which can quickly destroy your entire home. It is essential that you call for repair or replacement immediately after noticing these signs. You should avoid using any electrical devices in the house until you call for electrician services.

The Lights Flicker or Dim

If you turn on a high-voltage appliance in your home such as the dishwasher or the microwave and the lights flicker or dim, you should call a professional for electrician services immediately. Older electrical panels were not designed to power the modern appliances that we have today. These appliances can overload the system, drawing electricity from the lights to keep the appliance running. Because an electrical panel overload is dangerous, you should call an electrician immediately.

In some cases, they might be able to add a circuit to the box, giving you more than enough power to run all of your appliances. If your electrical panel is old, the electrician might recommend that you replace the entire electrical panel. Once you have the necessary electrician services performed, the flickering and dimming should stop.

Strange Sounds

If you hear a strange hissing sound coming from your electrical box, you should call an electrician immediately. This sound can occur when the electrical panel is malfunctioning or if you are trying to draw more electricity than the board can handle, and it is overloaded. An electrician can come to your Shallotte, NC home, to determine if the electrical panel should be repaired or replaced.

Your Appliances Are Overheating Quickly

There are a few telltale signs that your appliances are overheating. Frayed cords, burned outlets, broken plug, or if the appliances are warm to the touch, all tell you that your appliances are overheating. The reason for these problems could lie within the appliance itself, or the electrical panel. An excessive current will cause the appliance to overheat, and the only way this can happen is if your electrical panel is malfunctioning. Until you have the panel checked by an electrician, you should avoid using the appliance that is overheating. This will protect the appliance and prevent an electrical fire.

Electrical work can be very dangerous, and it is complicated. Just because you can find videos on YouTube to learn how to replace your electrical panel, it doesn’t mean that you should try it. The only way to be sure that the job has been done safely and correctly is to contact Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach for electrical services. We can send one of our electricians to your home to perform the necessary electrician services. Once we repair or replace the electrical panel, your electricity will function correctly and safely.

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