Electrical Services And Upgrades To Consider At Remodeling Time | Myrtle Beach, SC

Electrical Services And Upgrades To Consider At Remodeling Time | Myrtle Beach, SC

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You’re adding a family room, home theater, in-law space, home office, or kitchen upgrade, and it’s new and exciting. The colors, fixtures, lighting, appliances and other equipment are all keeping you busy with design concepts and new ideas. What’s tying them all together? Wiring! It’s the hidden infrastructure that adds life to your new room or addition. At Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach, SC, we share your excitement about beautiful updates to your home, and our electrical services group is ready to help you design and implement the electrical portion of them.

New Circuits

In new construction, you’ll be surprised at how many outlets there are for each room. Electrical code usually requires no more than six feet from any point in the room to an outlet, making extension cords unnecessary. Using plenty of circuits helps allow for varying loads and avoid disasters when the circuit breaker trips and brings down not only your blow dryer and vacuum, but your computer and internet router as well. Your electrical services team can help you decide how to distribute your power and update your outlets when you remodel.

Modern Lighting

There are so many exciting new options for lighting these days! When you’re remodeling it’s the perfect time to add some of the more complex ones, such as recessed lighting. Since lights consume much less power these days, you don’t have to worry as much about the heat that the bulbs generate. You can also get beautiful dimmable compact fluorescents, LED lights, and wirelessly controlled smart bulbs and fixtures that produce great effects, from party-style flashing colors to subtle changes in the room’s mood as the light bulb changes from bright daylight to warm evening glow. Our electrical services personnel can install controls and outlets that connect with your smart home system for convenience and safety.

Extra Wiring

With new circuits, you may also be running additional power wiring, either for your remodeling project or as add-ons to existing spaces in your home. Did you know our electrical team is also skilled at any other types of wiring that you may need? We’re the ones to turn to in order to make sure that your network, security, audiovisual, and other wiring is not only right for the intended use, but physically safe and compliant with electrical codes when installed in the walls of your remodeled home.

Code Upgrades

As part of remodeling, you may encounter electrical code-related or required changes that need to be made. Our electrical professionals are well-trained and experienced in making sure your home meets applicable codes, including new safety equipment for bathrooms, kitchens, and other damp areas, and power outlets that protect your children from inserting metal objects and receiving a shock. Let us specify and install the right gear to make your project successful both when inspectors come to sign off and over the long term.

Service Upgrades

As your family grows and your home expands and changes to meet your needs, chances are you’ll need more power, especially if your home is older. Ask us about service upgrades, from expanded electrical panels to a new power company connection giving you capacity for the future.

Whole-House Electrical Inspection

Electrical options and code requirements are always changing, and as a homeowner you may not hear about them until you talk with our electrical services team about a new project. You may be missing opportunities to upgrade your safety, add new child-safe features to your home, or include outlets, switches, and fixtures that allow you to enjoy your new electronics more. When you’re working with us for remodeling or just any time you want to have peace of mind and discover what’s new, ask us to perform a whole-house electrical inspection. We’ll give you feedback on what you should or could change to improve the safety, enjoyability, and saleability of your home. Most people don’t think much about the technical aspects of their home’s electricity, but it is important. Let us show you what a difference information makes.

Pre Wiring New Construction

Are you building an addition or outbuilding from scratch, or tearing out down to the studs and remodeling completely? Our electrical services team can prewire not only power, but any other wiring you need such as networking, security systems, smart home gear, and home theater equipment. When we prewire, you’ll have everything you need in place when your finishing work is done, without having to cut through newly installed walls just to add more wiring. Count on Mister Sparky electrical services to make your life easier.

Power Protection

When you start your woodworking or welding equipment do the lights dim? What about when storms come, do you run around and unplug your electronics or use inexpensive surge protection power strips to keep millions of volts of lighting from affecting them? Our whole-house surge and lightning protection options provide a solution that covers everything from your electrical panel inward, helping your equipment survive the catastrophic and long-term damage that significant or extreme variations in voltage can produce. Ask our electrical team how to include these features in your home when we work on your remodeling project.

Backup Power

When the power goes out in the Myrtle Beach, SC area it can take days to recover. Many of our customers are installing generators for backup power, and even uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to keep their electronics from experiencing the power “bounce” that sometimes occurs. Our electrical services planning experts can help you decide if backup power is something you want for your project, and what kind of capacity and interconnection is right for your home.

Our Electrical Services Can Make Your Life More Comfortable and Convenient

At Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach, our electrical services personnel are experts at helping you add the latest electrical features to your remodeling project. Call us to arrange a discussion or make an appointment to get your work done.

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