Electrician Tips: Don’t Ignore These Common Electrical Problems | Conway, SC

Electrician Tips: Don’t Ignore These Common Electrical Problems | Conway, SC

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A basic understanding of your home’s electrical system will help you prevent electrical malfunctions and electrical damage from occurring. Understanding how your electrical system is supposed to work as opposed to how it’s not supposed to work will prompt you to call a professional electrician when the time is right. The electrical system can be dangerous when it is either neglected or improperly cared for. Professional electrical repair and maintenance are necessary for operating a safe inefficient electrical system. If you are in need of an electrical professional and live in the Conway, SC, area, contact the staff at Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach for all of your electrical service needs.

The Basic Fundamentals of the Home’s Electrical System

Service Provider and Meter

The electrical system consists of electrical wires, flips, switches, appliances, and various other features. All of these features work together to form your home’s electrical system. Your home’s electrical system starts with the utility company. Not all homes use electricity solely from a power plant. In some homes, it is a form of renewable electricity, such as solar energy. The electricity is funneled to each home through power lines in cables. These power lines and cables Carry tremendous amounts of electrical volts. Your home’s electrical system is designed for only a certain amount of electrical voltage at a time. To reduce the voltage surging through your home the utility company uses something known as a transformer. This device allows the utility company to feed in a certain amount of electric voltage at a time. This device is also connected to a meter that calculates the amount of power used in your home. This helps them accurately assess how much power was used and how much they owe for the power used. If anything were to go wrong with these features it could cause damage to your home’s electrical system and an influx in power costs. If you notice an inconsistency in your power bill or in your electrical service contact your local and professional electrician for urgent inspection and repair service.

Electrical Panel

The electrical panel is one of the most important electrical features in the entire electrical system. Inside the electrical panel are all of the electrical breakers and main lines/circuits. All the power in your home can be traced to a specific electrical line. These circuits are connected therefore either an outlet or switch. In case of an emergency or necessary electrical repair, these electrical lines can be switched off by using the Breakers. The electrical breaker breaks the connection between the power provider and your home. In case of a serious electrical malfunction, you can use the electrical Breakers in the main panel to cut power to the malfunctioning component. The next step you should take is contacting a professional. If you are in need of professional electrical repair and live in Conway, SC, contact the staff at Mister Sparky to hire a licensed and reliable electrician today.

Common Electrical System Malfunctions You Should Pay More Attention to

Many electrical malfunctions stem from common problems. These electrical issues may be noticeable but due to their commonality and low-risk appearance, they are typically neglected. Neglect of any electrical issue can lead to serious electrical system damage, dangerous malfunctions, and high-power cost. If you recognize an issue in your home’s electrical system, contact a professional electrician for repair and maintenance. Regular electrical maintenance can be beneficial, especially for homes over 20 years old and above.

Brown Outlets

If you notice brown marks around your outlets or light switches you should contact an electrician for urgent electrical repair. Typically, the brown-around outlets and light switches are burn marks. Outlets and light switches should not appear to be dirty. They’re not used enough or in any capacity that would make them turn brown due to filth. Almost always, the brown found around outlets and light switches are due to overheating. Electrical power is hot, therefore the excess amount of electricity in your electrical system is typically routed toward the ground. The ground can safely and easily absorb any excess electrical power. Outlets and light switches that overheat are typically not grounded properly and need to be rerouted. If you notice that your outlets are exhibiting this malfunction, refrain from using that particular outlet, until an electrical professional has been able to inspect and repair it.

Circuit Overload

Another common issue that should not be ignored by any homeowner is the constant overloading of any circuit. As stated earlier in the article the power company uses a device to reduce the amount of voltage to the safe and standard amount of voltage once it enters your home. Each electrical circuit has a voltage capacity. The electrical panel box harbors the electrical breakers that can be automatically or manually triggered in order to prevent damage from occurring in case of an overloaded circuit or power surge. If the electrical breakers are being engaged more often than not it could be an indication that you either need to adjust your appliance use or contact an electrician for urgent repair service.

Circuits can become overloaded and cause the electrical breaker to trip, in order to prevent serious damage from occurring. When too many appliances that require high amounts of voltage are used at once, it can cause a power surge or overloaded circuit. You can fix this issue by refraining from using high voltage appliances all at once. If this is not the cause of your issue, you will need to contact a professional electrician for urgent electrical repair. The sooner you act the less damage can occur and the safer you will be.

Other Anomalies

If you notice anything out of place as it pertains to your home’s electrical system, it is imperative you act fast and contact the right professional electrician. Things such as smoke, burning smells, and inconsistencies, are all signs that your electrical system is in need of urgent repair. Electricity can be dangerous if it is not handled correctly. This is why it’s important to hire only professional and licensed electricians to work on your electrical system. If you live in or around the Conway, SC, area, contact the staff at Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach for all of your electrical repair needs.

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