Electrician Tips: Reasons To Perform A Home Energy Audit | Myrtle Beach, SC

Electrician Tips: Reasons To Perform A Home Energy Audit | Myrtle Beach, SC

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You may have noticed that your energy bill has skyrocketed all at once, or they have been increasing gradually. As a diligent homeowner, you went ahead and checked with your utility provider and found out that they haven’t increased their prices. If this is the case, there could be an appliance you purchased recently consuming more electricity or a faulty device drawing more energy than usual.

When this happens, you should consider a home energy audit for your home in Myrtle Beach, SC, to know the cause of the price increase and how to fix it. Simply put, a home energy audit, energy assessment, or evaluation is a process that helps you spot the places where your home is losing energy and the steps to take to enhance energy efficiency.

Some homeowners downplay the importance of home energy audits. Still, the U.S. Department of Energy has revealed that these assessments could cut your energy bills by 5 to 30 percent. Ultimately, with home energy audits, you can end up saving money and living in a cozy home, and enjoying better indoor air quality.

Hire A Professional or DIY?

You can conduct a home energy audit on your home or involve a qualified electrician or professionals with industry-accepted credentials. When you use a licensed electrical professional or a professional service, you save time and effort to gather all the information yourself.

The electrician or professional energy auditor will dig into the various aspects of your energy usage and locate significant outliers. Although it may be costly, a professional will provide you with a report or recommendations and will know where to look for you by taking into consideration various aspects, including the size of your home, family, among other factors.

On the other hand, you can perform an audit on your own if you have the right resources available. For instance, if you keep the records of your water, electrical, or HVAC bills, then the audit process won’t be that difficult.

No matter the method you use to perform the energy assessment, you’ll manage to save money and energy and lower your carbon footprint. Below are some of the benefits of conducting a home energy audit for your house.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

A significant percentage of the carbon that contributes to the depletion of the ozone layer comes from households. This is because of the reliance on fossil fuels for the energy used at home, which leads to carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming.

A home energy audit goes a long way in increasing energy efficiency and reducing the effects of climate change. A professional will not only advise you on how to reduce greenhouse emissions but will also help you fix any air leakages, change old appliances with energy-efficient ones, and fit quality installations. This will have a positive effect on the environment.

Save Energy

A professional energy not only improves energy efficiency but also helps you save money in the long run on your power bills. The assessment may detect you are consuming too much energy because of leaky windows or improper insulation. When these two issues and other troubles are addressed, you will notice a sharp reduction of your energy needs.

Electricians in Myrtle Beach, SC, will also advise you on government rebates. If you qualify for such rebates, you can save more money by taking advantage of special deals, discounts, and other incentives.

Save Money

The main reason why most homeowners do home energy audits. No one is happy spending a big chunk of their family budget on energy bills; hence, it makes sense to look for ways to lower electricity usage to save money. For instance, in South Carolina, the average household spends approximately $86 per month on electricity bills, which is among the highest monthly costs for many families.

Performing a home energy audit will help save money on your utility bills. A professional electrician will help you make the necessary upgrades after conducting a home energy audit, thus lowering your utility costs.

Ensure Health and Safety

Every homeowner wants their family to be safe. A home energy assessment ensures your home is inspected for health and safety. A competent electrical professional will utilize sophisticated tools and methods to check for any electrical or other hazards.

The electrician will also ensure that your wiring has been done correctly to prevent leaks to electrical fires and conduct the required tests to identify fuel leaks in the furnace.

Plus, the home energy audit will check for any leakages around doors, unwanted sources of moisture, or a lack of proper insulation. If there are moisture issues, the electricians will coordinate with the relevant professionals to maintain the ideal home humidity, which is essential for family members living with asthma or allergies.

Identify Your Potential Energy-saving Opportunities

An experienced electrical professional or energy auditor will inspect your residential property, locate places where you are losing more energy, and recommend improvements that will save energy and lower your utility bills.

For instance, the audit may identify that the high electricity bills in your house are due to dirty air, old showerheads, or appliances that are not set correctly.

Increase Home’s Resale Value

Home improvements increase your property’s energy efficiency, hence raising its overall value. In fact, 84 percent of home buyers would go for an energy efficient residential property. You can manage to achieve this through a professional home energy assessment.

Suppose an electrician notes that you may not lower your electricity bills because of many electrical appliances. In that case, s/he may recommend you consider various additions such as solar panels, extra insulation, a solar hot water system, among other energy-saving products.

Besides lowering your electricity consumption, these upgrades are mostly sought after by prospective buyers; hence, you’ll have an easy time selling your home.

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Energy audits are extremely helpful for homeowners. Working with a qualified electrician in Myrtle Beach, SC, is a great place to learn more about these audits. The electricians will also address all your concerns and questions.

Here at Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach, we have qualified electricians to help you with all your electrical needs, from repairs and installations, surge protection and generator maintenance. Contact us today to get the help of our professionals.

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