Electricians in Myrtle Beach, SC – 10 Facts about Electricians

Electricians in Myrtle Beach, SC – 10 Facts about Electricians

Electricians in Myrtle Beach, SC – The electrician industry is more complex than the average person will know. Typically, most people think that an electrician can handle everything related to electricity when the truth is that there are multiple specialties in the field and quite a few eyebrow raising facts that aren’t that well known. Few of us actually understand the exact roles of electricians and the details behind all of the work that they do. In this article we will go over 10 facts about electricians in Myrtle Beach, SC that you may not know.

  1. Master Electricians – In order for a professional electrician to achieve the rank of master electrician they must train almost as long as a doctor. The electrical field can be very dangerous and there is very little wiggle room when it comes to margins of error.  Electricians in Myrtle Beach, SC have had years of training not only in the field but in the classroom also.  Once an aspiring electrician has completed their apprenticeship and has become a fully licensed electrician, they must still put in a minimum of 3 more years in the field before they can apply for master electrician.
  1. Color Testing – All aspiring electricians must be able to pass a color test in order to proceed into apprenticeship. Not all times will an electrician be able to look at a manual or flip through a book when working on an electrical system. Oftentimes, it will come right down to the difference of the electrical wiring by using a color-coded system. Persons with color-blindness could not only be a risk for themselves but also others if they inappropriately wire a home or office wrong.
  1. Specialties – Just like the in the medical field, with there being multiple different specialties with doctors so too is there in the electrical field. Typically, most electricians will be specialists in electrical engineering or maintenance. When it comes to the different specialties, there is residential, commercial, industrial, manufacturing, outdoor electrical, and more.
  1. Famous Electricians – Did you know that Elvis Presley was once under apprenticeship to become an electrician? Rowan Atkinson, known for playing the role of Mr. Bean, has a master’s degree in electrical engineering obtained from the Queen’s College in Oxford. George Harrison from the Beatles also worked as an electrician apprentice for a spell.
  1. Safety Professionals – Electricians are also regarded as safety professionals. A large aspect of an electrician’s job is to carry out safety inspections and checks with electrical systems. Since electricity poses multiple threats ranging from electrocution to electrical fires, there are many safety regulations in place that must be adhered too.
  1. Problem Solving – A large part of an electrician’s day to day tasks will involve identifying, diagnosing, and evaluating. More often than not, electrical problems are not always that visible to the naked eye and it will require someone with great problem solving skills in order to ascertain what and where the problem is.
  1. Functionality – When most people think of electricians, they think simply of electrical wiring repairs or installation. However, electricians do quite a range of more tasks such as testing, mounting and working with climate control devices, security systems and more.
  1. Skills – Electricians have multiple skills and proficiencies, but they also must be great at:
  • Examination and interpretation of blueprints
  • Planning and execution of projects
  • The ability to make use of many tools
  • Critical and logical thinking
  • Superb hand and eye coordination
  • Working with their hands
  1. Clothing – Did you know that electricians in Myrtle Beach, SC must wear specific types of clothing and use specific tools while on the job? Some of the tools that electricians typically can be found with are chop saws, knives, pliers, screwdrivers, wire blades, electrical power testing tools and more. When it comes to clothing, electricians must wear well-fitted clothing that is not baggy and can possibly get caught on something while working with electrical systems.
  1. Jobs – The future outlook for the electrician profession is positive. As homes are becoming more networked and smart, this requires more complex electrical systems to be in place. Due to all of this and other innovations in the electrical field, we can ascertain that the electrician profession has a bright future.

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