Emergency Electrician Tips: The Signs That Indicate You Need To Upgrade Your Breaker Box | Conway, SC

Emergency Electrician Tips: The Signs That Indicate You Need To Upgrade Your Breaker Box | Conway, SC

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The breaker box, also called an electrical panel, controls the electrical power in your home. After the utility company has connected your home to the grid, a breaker box receives it and distributes the power to every home circuit. These circuits then supply the electrical power to each outlet, appliance, lights, and other electrical equipment. An electrical panel acts as a control center, allowing you to switch on or off the power in specific sections of your home whenever necessary.

However, an electrical panel is more than a switchboard for controlling power in your home. It also has other vital functions that keep your electrical systems running efficiently while keeping your home safe.

If your breaker box is outdated, malfunctioning, or old, you need to upgrade it. Upgrading the electrical panel ensures that your family is safe at home and that your electrical system corresponds with your needs. Installing the breaker box yourself can cause other secondary issues if you do not install it properly. Seeing that it is the first point of the electrical distribution in your house, you need the services of an emergency electrician. But how do you know it is time to change or upgrade your breaker box? Watch out for the signs below.

When the Breaker Box Is Packed with Fuses and Not Circuit Breakers

Depending on the age of your home, the electrical wiring may differ from the current standard. The electrical systems in homes constructed in the 1970s and before are fuse-based instead of the current circuit-based systems.

Fuse-based systems are not designed for modern electrical needs. Fuses melt, short-circuit or blow when overloaded, posing an electrical fire risk. The circuit breakers trip when you overload them. Therefore, they safely fail, stopping the flow of electrical power. Contact an electrician if you have such an electrical panel for replacement.

You Lack Enough Power Outlets

Do you use extension cords regularly? Regular use of extension cords means there are not enough power outlets in your home to cater to your needs. An extension cord is used briefly, giving you power when and where you need it. You can use them, for instance, when you have a party, and you have to put a lamp outside in the evening.

Using the extension cords extensively causes them to wear out swiftly. It makes them a fire hazard. Therefore, upgrade the breaker box to avoid creating a tripping hazard using a network of extension cords and surge protectors. Upgrading your breaker box will avail more power outlets in your home, and an emergency electrician can help you with the upgrade.

When You Have an Overloaded Electrical System

Overloading your electrical system is a safety hazard! An overloaded electrical system poorly performs because it struggles to keep up with the power needs. You know that your electrical system is overloaded, and you need an emergency electrician when you notice the signs below.

  • It shocks you when you plug or unplug cords
  • You feel a burning smell around an outlet or a switch
  • The dimming of light when you turn an appliance like a refrigerator on
  • Frequent blowing of fuses and the tripping of circuit breakers
  • Some of the power outlets have burned signs
  • The power outlets emit sparks whenever you unplug or plug a cord
  • Frequent flickering of lights

Have you noticed either of the above signs or a combination? Call an electrician to upgrade the electrical panel. It is a matter of time before full-blown damage happens to your property. Are you experiencing these problems in Conway, SC? Call Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach? We will inspect your home electrical system, advise you on the part that needs repair, and repair it professionally.

If You Are Planning to Upgrade Your Home or Appliance, or You Already Have

Most electrical panels meet the power requirements of any home at the time you constructed them. If you have added some rooms, turned your basement into your kids’ study room, you may need to upgrade the breaker box. Similarly, your newly added home electrical appliances draw additional power over what you previously consumed. So, if you have bought a new refrigerator, laundry machine, or dishwasher and you had not planned for them when installing the electrical box, you need to upgrade it.

When You Have an Older Home

Because of our increased overreliance on technology, the need for electrical power in our homes has also increased. We use UHD televisions, HVAC systems, laundry machines, among other high-end electrical appliances. Using electricity to power an electric grill or an oven increases the amount of power that they draw.

Older homes were not designed for such electrical requirements. Therefore, their breaker boxes were not meant for the number of loads that we are now asking them to power. In many cases, older homes were built with 60A breaker boxes. However, the increased electricity use forces homes to use 100-200A electrical panels to meet the modern electrical power requirements. If you live in an old house, consider calling an emergency electrician for your electrical system inspection and upgrades to your electrical panel.

You Have Circuit Breakers That Frequently Trip

Do you constantly go to the electrical panel because you have tripped a circuit breaker? It is an indicator that your breaker box needs an immediate upgrade. To end this problem, call an emergency electrician and explain the situation. After upgrading your electrical panel, constant tripping of your circuit breakers will be an issue of the past. If you live in Conway, SC, you can call many emergency electricians like Mister Sparky of Myrtle.

When your breaker box is old, malfunctioning, or worn out, the circuit breakers trip frequently. It also shows that the circuit breaker cannot handle your electrical needs.


Emergency electricians are lifesavers in situations of electrical failure. Although there are many causes of power failures, the most frustrating one can be a malfunctioning electrical panel. So, do you need an emergency electrician to repair, upgrade, or install an electric panel?

If you are familiar with much of the above, you need a professional to upgrade your breaker box to your power requirements. It will help in efficient electricity use, consistent use of electrical devices, and ensure that your home is safe from electrical-related hazards.

The experienced emergency electricians at Mister Sparky of Myrtle can perform breaker box upgrades in your home. Our location in Conway, SC, has enough staff to attend your emergency calls and attend to any of the needs for electrical services you may have.

Our electricians are licensed, and industry trained to conduct repairs and electrical installations that meet the National Electrical Code (NEC), municipal, and state regulations.

Do you feel it is time to get your house a modern and quality electrical system that can power the needs of your home? Count on our licensed electricians at Mister Sparky of Myrtle to upgrade your breaker box safely. Contact us online today or call us at 843-894-09010 to schedule a repair or installation.

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