Our Electrical Services Team Solves Electrical Mysteries, Too | Myrtle Beach, SC

Our Electrical Services Team Solves Electrical Mysteries, Too | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Our electrical services experts do an amazing job at upgrades, repairs, and installation of new wiring and equipment, but our experience and talent make us great diagnosticians as well. When our customers in the Myrtle Beach, SC area have mysterious problems with their electrical power or another wiring, we’re the ones to call for an effective solution. We understand the principles of electricity and the many ways that it’s put to work in your home, so we can sort out what’s not right and correct it. In many cases, we’ve seen the problem before, and you’ll be able to just watch in amazement as we proceed to solve the puzzle quickly and effectively.

Problems with Wiring and Circuit Rating

The harsh smell of electrical problems, sparking and buzzing noises and problems with operating items plugged into a particular circuit may be traced back to wiring problems at the fuse box or the outlet, at the switch or lighting fixture, or at a junction in between. It’s possible that the wrong rating of wire has been used and it’s heating up, or the outlet or switch is failing. Everything has a time when it wears out, and especially in older homes, you may be reaching the point where mechanical stresses have led to improper operation of electrical circuit components. If you have aluminum wiring, once used when the price of copper was particularly high, you’ll need electrical services from an electrician well versed in the peculiarities of aluminum circuits.

Fuses and Circuit Breakers

If your power panel is older and still contains fuses, you may have any of a number of problems that older wiring presents as well as issues with the fuses. Even a certain type of circuit breakers used some time ago have been known to fail prematurely, and may need replacing. If you’re operating equipment on the circuit that draws a lot of current to start with, for example, a powerful motor, you may find you’re having what seems like circuit breaker problems. It’s really telling you that startup current is a bit too much. Our electrical services people can help you sort out problems. They are typically beyond a non-electrician’s understanding because they’re special cases. Once we explain the reason for the situation, we can also explain what a good solution would be, such as upgrading the circuit components for a higher rating or using a motor and circuit with a higher voltage, which is commonly done for shop tools, welders, and other power equipment.

Lights That Go Bright and Dim

When your home’s power supply is not quite right, some weird things can happen. Changes in light brightness can also come from switch problems, bulbs, wiring, powerful equipment drawing power on the circuit, or even problems beyond your home’s wiring, such as transformer problems in the power company’s system. Our electrical services expert will probably ask you quite a few questions to narrow this one down, and may also give you advice on protecting your other electrical equipment from damage due to variations in power quality. Even if dimming lights are only inconvenient, this is a great reason to check in with our electrical services team to make sure the problem is not more extensive and risky.

Buzzing and Humming

Buzzing and humming sounds, especially at the electrical power frequency which in music is a bass note between B and B-flat, can be just vibrations of equipment induced by transformers vibrating a bit during normal operation. These can also be indications of a connection problem, as the sparking produces a buzz instead of a zap. In any case, there’s a chance that the wiring, dimmer switch, light, circuit breaker, or other equipment is becoming faulty, and our electrical services technician can determine if that’s the case. If it’s the circuit breaker that’s making the noise, that’s a particularly good reason to call us promptly.

Half a Stove

Appliances that draw a lot of power like your electric dryer and stove use special higher-voltage circuits to provide that power. If the wiring on that circuit is faulty, or if the power in your home is miswired, even fed in from the power company in a problematic way, you can experience strange problems like stove malfunctions, dryers that don’t work right, and side effects like dimming lights for reasons that take a while to explain. Our electricians are trained and licensed, and part of the process of understanding how to manage electrical power for homes and businesses is understanding “multi-phase” power and other complex issues that can cause some head-scratching when they go wrong. That means even your basic 220V circuit issues, used for high-powered appliances, are well within their diagnostic skills, along with the ability to discuss concerns with the power company about their service quality should that be necessary.

Bring Us Your Symptoms, and Our Electrical Services Team Will Ask the Right Questions

Communicating about electrical problems can be frustrating. The further the problem gets from “it doesn’t work,” the more technical terms and specialized knowledge are required, and our team is trained to ask questions in plain English to help sort out the root problem that’s cursing or haunting or just disrupting your home’s proper functioning. It’s not necessary to call us with the issue already identified, and we’ll be straightforward and direct in getting to the problem and fixing it. The unknown doesn’t have to be costly, in fact, you may get a pleasant surprise as you discover how effective our talented electricians can be at diagnosing and providing the fix.

Bring Your Electrical Puzzles and Straightforward Electrical Services Work to Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach

Our electrical services team loves to do a good job for our customers here in the Myrtle Beach, SC area, whether we’re sorting out problems or adding new electrical features and upgrades to your home. Call us at Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach for help, new ideas, and of course for electrical emergencies.

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