Signs Your Electric Panel Needs Replacement From An Electrician | Myrtle Beach, SC

Signs Your Electric Panel Needs Replacement From An Electrician | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Also known as a distribution board or a panel board, an electric panel is a service box connecting the main power supply line to a home and it’s responsible for the distribution of electric currents to all the circuits. Just like any other appliance or fixture, an electric panel will reach its limit of operation and either become inefficient or jam completely. And that means you might have to purchase a new one to continue powering your house daily.

With consistent failing panels, you might suffer blackout inconveniences and be at risk of experiencing house fires. Therefore, homeowners living in the area should have the skills of knowing the correct time to look for an electrician for electric panel replacement services. Below are some signs.

Aged electric panel

Depending on the threshold of service an electric panel delivers and how long it serves a home, it may be susceptible to wear and tear, which reduces its efficiency levels. The lifespan of a distribution board can depend on several factors, including the frequency of power surges and manufacturer defects. The safe thing to do is get an electrician to replace the old panel to curb future electrical inconveniences and hazards.

However, if you feel your old panel still serves you right, you can ask the professional to inspect the system and ensure every part is in a good shape while replacing the worn-out or defective ones. Homeowners who have electric panels aged 20 years or more ought to consider a replacement.

Burning smells

Electrical burning smell problems occur in the wiring, sockets, or even panel boards. The odor often comes from wooden or plastic casings of the electric panels and other electrical fixtures and parts, including receptacles. Burning may stem from poor connections within the panels. Sometimes, the burning smells may be subtle hence hard to identify unless you are close to the appliances. However, homeowners can look out for another obvious sign of burning wires; discolored outlets.

Trying to postpone a quick fix for the problem can cause the issue to escalate. You might be looking at joining the homeless community or having permanent burn scars since the burning smells are a big indicator that an electrical fire may occur soon. If you notice any burning smells, you shouldn’t hesitate to look for an electrician to assess your entire electrical system and its parts, including the panel board, and conduct the necessary replacements.

The electrical panel has fuses and no circuit breakers

Distribution boards using fuses are as safe as those using circuit breakers. However, the fused panel boards are prone to experiencing frequent fuse blowouts, warranting frequent replacements. Some homeowners try to evade incurring fuse replacement costs by using oversized fuses which they believe are more resistant to burnouts than the standard ones. The disadvantage of these extra-large fuses is that they allow high amounts of electricity to flow through the connected circuits. That can lead to electric fires in their homes.

When the panels with circuit breakers experience fuse burnouts, the circuit breaker flips the switch, hence no replacements are necessary. Additionally, the possibility of a fire outbreak is minimal. Homeowners with fuse-based electric panels should seek the services of an electrician to replace the panels with circuit breaker distribution boards for better service and safety in their homes.

Warm or hot electric panel cover boxes

Depending on the manufacturer’s preferences, electric panels have either plastic, wooden, or metallic covers. Some homeowners could have felt the warmth or hotness of a panelboard cover box while trying to check out their panels. One of the panel’s functions is to regulate the hotness levels in your home’s electrical system.

When the panel or the other parts of the electrical system overheat, the circuit breaker should be triggered to trip and safeguard your premise from a possible electrical fire incident. If you discover your electric panel is hot, you should look for an electrician to troubleshoot the issue and perform replacements if necessary. Without an efficient electric panel, the circuit breaker may fail to function and leave your property in danger of a fire hazard.

Rusty and damaged electric panels

Rust indicates that there must have been the presence of water. If you notice your panelboard cover and parts have become rusty, you should search for a professional to install a water damage resistant panel. Otherwise, you may be on the way to start a compensation fight from your home insurance provider after a fire burns down your home. Additionally, some electric panels are installed in low profile areas that anyone not knowing of their existence can damage them.

For instance, you may hit your panel loathed in the garage when reversing or parking your car. That can completely shatter the device. Since electricity is one of the essentials in homes today, a prompt lookout for an electrician in Myrtle Beach, SC, will save you the stress of staying in the dark. The professional can assess the safest location in your home and provide quality replacement services.

Recently added appliances

With the ever-changing technology, manufacturers of home appliances have come up with new machines, including vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, washing machines, and HVAC units to make homes more functional and convenient. Some of these appliances utilize high amounts of energy.

If the electric panels cannot withstand the amount of wattage required, it means you might have to seek panel replacement services from an electrician. While buying new fixtures, you should consider replacing your existing distribution board with a more efficient one.

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