Six Signs You Need Emergency Electrical Services From A Professional Electrician | Myrtle Beach, SC

Six Signs You Need Emergency Electrical Services From A Professional Electrician | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Some homeowners in Myrtle Beach, SC, depend on their electrical system for almost everything, from using appliances to heating and cooling. In the 21st century, we rely on electricity to carry out the majority of household activities, and it’s nearly impossible to imagine a world without the resource. Homeowners need to leave electrical system installation or repair to certified electricians and minimize the chances of small problems escalating into emergency electrical issues. Below are some of the signs that warrant the need for emergency electrical services.

Frayed wiring

Frayed electrical wires can result from bending, corrosion, and heat. The wiring can also sustain damages from screws and nails which pierce through them. In some cases, rodents may chew on the wires and leave them naked. If you come across mice on your premises, be sure to check your wiring to ascertain that it is ok. Frayed wiring can be dangerous to pets and kids since they have a shocking effect. It can also lead to more complications with your entire electrical system, and you may have to spend a large amount of cash in fixing the mess. Also, the wires can cause a fire hazard if they come across flammable items or chemicals. You need to contact a certified electrician in Myrtle Beach, SC, whenever you notice frayed or live wires lying around to get the proper remedy.

Shocking switches

If your switches have a shocking effect, it’s a clear sign that the wiring is faulty. The problem may be due to wires short-circuiting the conduit. Loose screws in the switch box can cause the wires to become unstable, and you may experience some shock when flipping the light switch or plugging an appliance. Outdated wiring can also lead to unsteady electricity, increasing the chances of electric shock. Additionally, plugging in faulty machines can cause broken cords, frayed wires, and unstable electrical currents. If you suspect your appliance is problematic or you experience any shock waves when handling electric-related apparatus, get an electrician to take a look and provide you with a suitable solution. Also, ensure that your outlets do not get into contact with water since it may damage the wiring and result in electrical shocks. In case your electrical devices have water, your electrician can repair the damaged parts to avoid further damage.

Tripping fuses and breakers

Circuit breakers work by protecting your premises from electrical danger by tripping in case the circuit exceeds its maximum watts. Fuses offer the same protection but blow out when there is excess electrical current and hence need replacement afterward. The circuit breaker and fuse can trip due to an overloaded electric system. You may solve the issue by unplugging all the items on the circuit and resetting the breaker. However, if the problem persists, contact a professional to install a new circuit and outlet that can handle a large amperage load. A ground fault can also cause the circuit breaker to trip due to an active wire coming in contact with a ground wire. The consequence is a large amount of current going through the circuit breaker, causing it to trip. Ground faults happen when devices are defective, leading to the exposure of live electrical parts. Regardless of what the issue is, an experienced technician can get to the bottom of the problem and fix it.

Discolored switches

While you may not put much thought as to why your white switch suddenly loses its bright color, you might be in for a shock. Discoloration in outlets can result from damaged wiring. It’s easier to replace a discolored outlet, but it’s good to note that the issue is not always with the outlet. Loose connections in the wiring or faulty wires can cause a short circuit that leads to a small fire that would later release heat that causes the discoloration on the surface of the socket. You need to get a certified electrician to have a look at the wiring and identify the root of the issue. Another possibility can be that you have undersized the outlet in relation to its usage, and vice-versa. For instance, a switch may have a 15 amps rating, but you later install it on a 20-amp circuit. It will cause the device to heat up and acquire a discoloration. In such instances, a professional can install the correct outlet to avoid mini fires.

Flickering and dimming lights

One of the tell-tale signs of electrical problems is dim and flickering lights. Loose connections are among the top causes of dim lights, and they could also lead to electrical fires. Electrical connections need to be as tight as possible to avoid any resistance. Electrical resistance can cause a fire if there are naked wires near flammable materials. A fluctuation in the electricity voltage can also cause dimming lights. Devices that draw large current when switched on can cause flickering lighting. Whenever you notice any change in the brightness of your light bulbs, contact an electrician to wire them correctly for maximum voltage. Otherwise, you might experience electric problems such as shocks due to ignoring the signals.

Burning smell and smoke

A burning smell is a warning sign that your electrical wiring has serious issues. If an electrician doesn’t check it out, you might face an electrical fire outbreak. There are various reasons a burning smell and smoke can stem from your outlets, including exposed and damaged wiring, circuit board overload, and poor wiring installation. Foreign bodies may also be trapped in the circuit box, causing a fire. You can try unplugging devices from the outlet to avoid damaging them. However, switch off the electricity supply at the breaker box to limit the chances of a fire. At this point, get a certified professional to unscrew the switches and check for foreign objects. A professional will manage to point out the cause of the odor and solve the issue.

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