Time For Electrical Services: 7 Signs Of An Issue With Your Electrical Wiring | Myrtle Beach, SC

Time For Electrical Services: 7 Signs Of An Issue With Your Electrical Wiring | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Problems with your electrical wiring mean more than just running the risk of all your power shutting down at any moment. No, the problem is much more serious than that, and at its worst it can mean there might be a fire hazard in your Myrtle Beach, SC home.

Calling electrical services now to check out if your electrical wiring has no issues is always a good call. In between checkups by a professional, however, you need to be able to conduct your own checks for some added peace of mind. This also helps you to know when it’s crucial to have a professional come to your home in case a severe problem is brewing.

These five signs can help you better understand the condition of your electrical wiring and whether there’s something to be concerned about.

1. Too Many Extension Cords

Besides simply being unsightly, having too many extension cords and using them too often may be an omen of electrical troubles to come. That’s also the reason why wiring systems can be found within walls, since it allows them to work for a long period of time while facing minimal interference. When wires are disturbed, however, that tends to be a cause of many electric issues.

Having an extension cord makes for additional points where cords are able to short out, kink or get pinched. This may, in turn, lead to damaged outlets, trapped breakers or even a full-on fire.

You can keep using your extension cords while taking some essential precautions. Make sure not to use too many of them, and also avoid using them too often. If the outlets you have in your home are not enough for the needs of your household, it’s best to call a professional service to install additional ones instead of putting up with the risks that come with having too many extension cords.

2. Flickering or Dimming Lights

Light fixtures draw very little power, so when you notice dimming or flickering, it’s likely that the problem is the fixture itself. Instead, it’s probable that the issue lies with some of your big appliances like the washing machine, the HVAC system or dishwasher, which all draw in plenty more power than the lights.

If the lights in your home are dimming, call electrical services to investigate what the problem is. Some of the common solutions they can apply for you include installing dedicated electrical lines for your more demanding appliances or simply moving your lights to an altogether different circuit.

3. Suspicious Odors

A funny odor with a new appliance as soon as you power it up is hardly ever a reason to worry. If an odd smell starts emanating from an outlet, your best bet is to turn it off immediately before unplugging everything connected to it.

Call electrical services to have a look at the plug and fix or possibly replace it before you start using it again. The problem is much more severe when the smell is coming from your breaker panel or fuse box, and you should get a professional to check it out straight away.

4. Sparking

Sparking coming from any part of the electrical system in your Myrtle Beach, SC home never points to anything good. Wherever you see it, you should immediately be prepared to call electrical services so you can prevent it becoming a much worse problem and causing damage to your appliances.

If it’s coming from an outlet, breaker panel or fuse box, treat it urgently and have it checked out and fixed as soon as you’re able to. Sparking coming from an appliance is a different matter, especially if the outlet the appliance is plugged into shows no problems with other devices. In this case, it’s best to call an appliance repair person. If the same outlet is causing problems with different appliances, electrical services are needed.

5. Regular Blowing of Fuses

Fuses and circuit breakers are intentionally designed to fail under certain conditions to prevent overload. Demanding appliances such as a hair dryer and a vacuum cleaner may trip a breaker every once in a while. When that happens, it’s advisable to plug the appliance into another outlet to see if the circuit breaks again. If it does, it’s most likely the appliance that has an issue.

When it’s the same outlet that’s repeatedly tripping the breaker, though, it means the breaker’s getting overloaded. This means you should call electrical services to add a new line or upgrade a circuit.

6. Improper Outlets in the Bathroom or Kitchen

Kitchen and bathroom outlets need to be shock-resistant since there’s likely to be a lot of water splashing around in those rooms and water is an effective conductor of electricity, which may create a hazard. These are called ground fault circuits interrupter (GFCI) and they tend to have two buttons in the center.

Having outlets in your bathroom and kitchen that look just the same as the circuits in other rooms in your house is a definite cause for concern. Calling electrical services to install the proper circuits for those rooms is a good way to ensure your safety.

7. Buzzing

When everything is working as it should, your electrical wiring shouldn’t produce any sounds. When there’s buzzing, however, that’s a clear sign that you need to have electrical services take a look at your wiring.

Fraying wire, loose prongs and outlets are all factors that can cause the current to start jumping, leading to the annoying buzzing sound you may be hearing. It’s a good habit to listen for buzzing, especially in rooms with loud equipment where you might miss sounds coming from the outlet.

The electrical wiring in your home plays an essential role in keeping both your crucial and entertainment appliances running. When neglected, though, it can pose hazards to both appliances and health. Call us at Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach for electrical services that let you regain your peace of mind while your wiring is up to par.

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