Troubleshooting Electrical Issues: Signs That Your Home Needs Emergency Electrical Services | Myrtle Beach, SC

Troubleshooting Electrical Issues: Signs That Your Home Needs Emergency Electrical Services | Myrtle Beach, SC

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The majority of catastrophic household fires in the US result from mishaps related to electrical distribution systems, with over 51,000 incidents, about 500 deaths, and an estimated 1,400 injuries, reported annually.

Since the electricity in your home allows you to accomplish daily chores such as cooking and laundry, you must understand some of the indicators that your family may need emergency electrical services. Some electrical problems, such as simple short circuits and cut or damaged extension cords, may be easy to diagnose. Others, such as dead outlets and continuously tripping breakers, may require professional attention to detect and fix.

Nonetheless, you should have a working knowledge of the various signs that your home’s electrical distribution system could be having serious issues. These signs are described as follows.

The excessive use of extension cords

Even though extension cords can be considered a must-have in any home, having to use too many of them should prompt you to seek electrical services. Such situations indicate that your home may not be having enough power outlets to serve your household needs.

This is especially true for earlier residential properties, which may lack an electrical infrastructural design that can accommodate multiple appliances at a go. In other cases, the electrical sockets may be located in awkward positions, forcing you to invest heavily in extension cords. Regardless, you should consult with a service provider near you to see if you could get some more outlets in your home due to safety concerns.

You can also consult with a professional electrician if your home could be having outdated electrical outlets. For instance, most older homes may still be using two-pronged sockets, which may not be compatible with all appliances. In such scenarios, a switch to modern, three-pronged outlets would be more effective in power distribution than investing in multiple adapters.

Incessant fuse box problems

The fuse box is a vital element in your Myrtle Beach, SC home’s electrical distribution network. Essentially, it acts as the first line of defense for the electrical systems if something goes amiss. In this context, it automatically switches off the power when something goes wrong, saving your home from potential property damage as well as significant electrical repair costs.

Therefore, if you lose electric power abruptly, it could be due to fuse box action. However, fuse box tripping is often a one-time event. For instance, when one of your home’s bulbs blows. As such, if you find that your home’s fuse box is completely blown, then it could be time to seek professional electrical services.

At other times, the fuse box may be tripping way too often, which can be traced back to problems such as short or overloaded circuits, arc or ground faults, circuit breaker issues, faulty electrical outlets, or damaged wiring. Whichever the case, these are not issues you should attempt to resolve on your own.

Consistent lighting issues

Some people may consider flickering lights distracting or annoying, while others may not even notice the fluctuation in light intensity within their home. Nonetheless, flickering lights should sign that you need the help of a professional electrical services technician. This is because they’re a clear indication of issues with your home’s circuitry or light fixtures.

The severity of the consequences of lighting issues often depends on where the problem originated from in the first place. For instance, even though all lights flicker at one point or another, your home could be having connection or power use issues if they do so regularly.

Specifically, the lights in your home could be having situational flickering, which happens, for instance, when the air conditioner switches on. In such scenarios, the AC unit pulls the power away from the light fixtures, often short-term. In that regard, if the lights flicker every time large appliances power up, it could point to problems with the meter or electric panel.

On the other hand, if the lights in a single room dim, the most probable cause would be issues with the bulb itself or the socket. When that’s not the case, there could be an issue with the circuitry, which may require you to request emergency electrical services if not diagnosed and fixed on time.

Strange sounds in the wall

Most, if not all, of your home’s electrical distribution network, is within the walls. In this case, many electrical problems begin from there, which makes them hard to diagnose and fix. If you notice faint buzzing sounds inside your walls, your home could be having a wiring problem, which will require you to call a reputable electrical services contractor.

The buzzing sound and strange noises may vary throughout the day, sometimes getting louder when several household appliances are simultaneously used. Whenever this happens, a comprehensive and urgent inspection may be required lest you risk getting used to the strange noises. This may result in you forgetting the underlying wiring problem that could potentially cost you in the future if not fixed immediately.

Frequent electric shocks

Electric shocks can be uncomfortable and, at times, a catastrophic experience. It’s estimated that electrocutions claim over 1,000 lives annually, with 400 of such cases being attributed to exposure to high-voltage power, while 50 to 300 occurring due to lightning strikes. The popularly known cause of minor and even large-scale electrocutions is damaged wiring.

Professionals in the provision of electrical service advise against the use of appliances that cause shock because they could start fires, primarily when used near fabric surfaces. They also recommend that when someone gets shocked, they should immediately switch off the fuse box to prevent similar occurrences while seeking help from reputable companies offering electrical service.

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