When And When Not To Call An Emergency Electrician | Myrtle Beach, SC

When And When Not To Call An Emergency Electrician | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Electricity is a huge part of our everyday lives. We use it for everything. Our electrical systems are responsible for powering our stoves, our televisions, our light to see, and our beloved cell phones. Properly functioning electrical systems. If you are having any kind of issues with your electrical systems you should contact an electrician. Depending on the problem at hand you may want to contact an emergency electrician for urgent and immediate service. You should contact an electrician for all of your electrical issues. However, if the issue at hand is life-threatening or damage-inducing, you need an emergency electrician for urgent electrical assistance. Mister Sparky can provide electrician services for residents in the Myrtle Beach, SC, area.

Knowing and understanding your system is the first step to deciding on whether it’s best to call or not to call an emergency electrician. The most important thing to take away from this is, you should always contact an electrician for electrical problems regardless of its urgent nature. If the problem has gotten out of control, such as in the case of a fire you should then contact an emergency service such as the fire department.

How Your Electrical System Works

Your electrical system is full of various components that power your home and ensure your safety. If any of these components are off slightly, it could spell disaster for you and your property. To ensure your systems are always functioning properly, it would be a good idea to hire a reoccurring electrical professional to help you maintain and repair the electrical system you value so dearly. This would greatly reduce the need for an emergency electrician in the future.

On the Outside

On the outside of your home, there should be a meter and a weatherproof disconnect switch. Both of these components are extremely important for your electrical system. The electricity meter is installed by your utility company. The meter is responsible for measuring the amount of electricity you use in your home. If your electrical meter is old and outdated, you should consult with an electrician and your utility company on updating or upgrading your utility meter. An old and outdated meter can lead to inaccurate readings.

The weatherproof disconnect is an important feature for your home to have. It provides you will an extra cushion of protection. If you notice your weatherproof disconnect is malfunctioning, old, just not there, you should contact an emergency electrician as soon as possible. The weatherproof disconnect allows you to disconnect the power from the utility company to your house in the case of an emergency This appliance is very helpful for firefighters. If there is a fire, the fire company can disconnect the electricity without having to enter the house. They will safely be able to put out the fire without fear of electrocution by using the weatherproof disconnect switch to do so. If you live in or around the area, contact Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach for professional and urgent electrical service.

Inside the Home

Electrical Panel

Your electrical panel is one of the most important electrical appliances to have. The electrical panel is owned as the breaker box, fuse box, and or service panel. This box can be found where you find all home’s electrical breakers, in the basement. The breaker’s job is to disconnect a circuit from its electrical source for maintenance purposes, as well as overloaded circuits. If your breaker keeps tripping on its own, you may want to contact an emergency electrician.

A constantly tripping breaker could indicate a crossed wire or an overloaded circuit. Regardless of the cause, You need a professional electrician to decide how to fix it. Handling electrical wires can be dangerous. If you need a professional and reputable electrician, contact Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach, in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Electrical Boxes

Electrical boxes differ from electrical panels in the way that they function and their location. Electrical panels are typically found in basements near the electrical line. Electrical boxes are located in every room. Electrical boxes were made mandatory via the National Electric Code requirements. These boxes allow your electrician to work on separate electrical connections in each room.

The electrical boxes in your home are splice boxes. These boxes splice wires into separate electrical connections for more accessible and comprehensive electrical connections. This was a required safety measurement that everyone should have in your home. If you are experiencing any electrical issues, contact an emergency electrician for assistance. They should be able to locate these electrical boxes and repair your systems accordingly.

Some Common and Not So Common Electrical Issues

Sparks Smoke and Fire

Fire and electricity are close cousins. Electrical power is hot and powerful. Frayed and crossed wires can lead to fire, smoke, or sparks. This is because electrical power needs to be properly contained in order for it to be safe. If you notice sparks, smoke, burn marks on or in your outlets, contact an emergency electrician right away. You should also stop using the power source until a licensed and trained professional accesses its safety.

If an electrical fire has occurred then you need to call the authorities immediately. Your local fire department will need to put out the fire. You should refrain from trying to put the fire out yourself in case of electrocution and personal damage. After the fire has been contained and everyone has been deemed safe and sound, contact an electrician for immediate and urgent assistance. The fire could have been caused by a problem that still persists in your electrical system. This can lead to more fires in the future. Electrical wiring can sometimes cat fire even when not in use. This is why it’s imperative you contact an emergency electrician at the first sign of smoke, outlet, burns, and sparks.

If you have any issues regarding the loss of power, electrical outlets, or anything electricity replated, contact Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach for prompt and urgent emergency electrical service.

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