When Storms And Hurricanes Hit, Our Emergency Electricians Are At The Ready To Assist You! | Myrtle Beach, SC

When Storms And Hurricanes Hit, Our Emergency Electricians Are At The Ready To Assist You! | Myrtle Beach, SC

Power outages, water damage to wiring, and potential chaos in many homes are common, often lingering effects of the high winds, rain, and flooding from storms here on the coast. At Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach, our emergency electrician is on standby to help you recover. We help to restore power or establish that your Myrtle Beach, SC, home’s wiring is still safe after water damage. In many homes, hidden wiring and fixture damage can persist as corrosion. It continues over time until problems arise as flickering lights, smoke, or electrical odors draw attention and lead to a call for our emergency electrician. If your home hasn’t had a thorough electrical inspection, now’s the time. It’s an excellent way to catch emerging issues, wiring problems, and code violations leading to serious problems. It’s also a time to reveal the need for necessary updates such as outdated wiring and protective equipment like circuit breakers and GFCI outlets.

Water Damage Often Affects Electrical Wiring and Fixtures

A toilet overflow, pipe rupture, or other plumbing problem, or a leaky roof during a storm or water damage from hurricane-force winds can affect your power. When water comes into contact with electrical wiring and fixtures, there’s a significant chance of trouble. The biggest concern is usually electric shock, where people come into contact with unexpected sources of electricity while also in contact with water. Fire and disruption of electric power are also concerns, both at the time of the event and also down the road months or years later. Corrosion has effects on wiring, switches, and light fixtures. It leads to poor electrical connections, which can heat up and ignite surrounding materials. Damaged electrical equipment can also produce sparks and arcing that lead to ignition. Our emergency electrician can respond to these types of events, and also help prevent them by experienced detective work. We recognize the factors that lead to electrical dangers, and follow their lead to issues needing attention.

Common Signs of Electrical Trouble

Whenever you’re tempted to say, “it’s probably only…” about electrical issues, it’s time to think again, just to be safe. If your computer reboots often, it could be a virus or other computer problem, but it could also be a faulty outlet or circuit problem that needs checking. Flickering lights are a common sign of electrical trouble. They could indicate arcing wires in the walls that sometimes lead to fire. You might even be creating sparks in the wall yourself, by turning on and off an old light switch that’s defective. Electrical odors, smoke from the walls, outlets, switches, or fixtures, and other odd events including dimming lights are all reasons to consult with our emergency electrician. Other serious problems that people experience include “tingling” feelings that could indicate a hazardous situation producing electric shock. What to you was a tingle as you stand in well-insulated shoes could be a serious shock for someone standing in bare feet. It’s the signs, not the severity, that indicate it’s time for our emergency electrician to check it out.

Emergency Electricians Are Experts Because They’ve Seen and Repaired Serious Problems

Electrical wiring and fixture installation is precise work. Simple procedures like tightening an outlet screw to hold a wire in place keeps the connection solid and reliable. It also ensures that, when other work on the house accidentally tugs on the wire, it doesn’t get loose and bump into the metal box holding the outlet, causing sparks. Suddenly, the risk of shock or fire rises and all from a minor situation. Our emergency electrician sees the aftermath, or catches the problem during inspection. Overloaded circuits are a common problem as well. If the wrong wire type was used during circuit installation, it could heat up before the circuit breaker trips. We’ve seen both common and strange electrical problems, and we want to help you avoid them in your Myrtle Beach, SC, home.

Whole-House Protective Devices Make a Big Difference

If you’ve bought power strips with protective devices in them, you’ll be glad to know that whole-house protection is now available. We can install surge and lightning protection and ground fault GFCI circuit breakers. New AFCI arc fault protection as well, helps prevent arcs that ignite material in your walls. Quality wiring is still your best protection, along with using care with your electrical equipment, but backup protection is important, too. For all your home’s electronics, these days whole-house protection against power problems is a wise idea as well.

Can Smart Home Devices Cause Problems?

Automatic operation of electrical equipment always requires extra care. In industrial environments, a common warning sign is “warning, equipment starts automatically” so people won’t take risks assuming that they’re in control. The same warning applies to anything controlled by smart home devices. The power can come on at any time if the smart home device controls an outlet or switch. It’s important to make sure that you’re not replacing a light bulb, making a repair, or otherwise potentially at risk if the power could be switched on remotely at any time. In the case of damaged wires or other defects, even circuit overloads, you may not discover them until the power is switched on automatically, possibly when you’re not at home.

Your Knowledgeable, Responsive Emergency Electrician

At Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach, our electricians are friendly, helpful, and serious about your family’s safety. Our job is to protect your life, health, safety, and property, and to provide the information you need to keep your Myrtle Beach, SC, home well protected. We’re glad to help you with electrical problems, and happy that you’re a customer who is taking action to find and resolve them before there’s trouble. We’re your best choice for electrical repairs, lighting and appliance installation, and other electrical services. Keep our number handy in case our emergency electrician is needed urgently, and call today for a helpful electrical inspection!

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