Where To Find An Emergency Electrician | Conway, SC

Where To Find An Emergency Electrician | Conway, SC

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Even the best-kept homes in Conway, SC will need an emergency electrician at some point. But where do you find a good dependable one then that electrical emergency strikes? A lot of electricians do not work holidays or weekends, and it is not as easy as you think to find any electrician at Thanksgiving or Christmas.

Checking a trusted review site is a good place to start looking, and you should find Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach at the top of the list. We have many satisfied customers who’ve been satisfied enough to leave us five-star reviews.

If you want an emergency electrician, then call Mister Sparky. All our electricians are highly trained and can deal with all electrical problems. We have earned a reputation for the highest standards of work at very affordable prices. An electrical emergency can occur at any time and Mister Sparky is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week to help you with whatever electrical emergency you may have.

Warning Signs That You Need an Emergency Electrician

Many older homes have not had their electrical wires changed in many years and may have the same wiring and sockets from when they were originally built. New wiring installed using the new National Electrical Code (NEC), will mean your home will be well protected.

We are all using more and more electrical devices, meaning that we need to draw more power from our wiring. You must be on the lookout for any early warning signs that you may need an emergency electrician. Early identification of any problems can save you a lot of future stress and money. Electrical problems could reveal themselves in many ways.

Your Fuses Are Blowing Frequently

It is normal for a fuse to blow occasionally, and most people are happy to replace a fuse or reset the circuit-breaker. But if this happens too often, there could be a serious underlying problem in the electrical system. If your system draws more electricity than the fuses can handle, they will blow. It is best to call for an emergency electrician from Mister Sparky to inspect the electrical panel for more serious problems.

Your Lights Are Flickering

Have you noticed that your lights flicker when you turn on a vacuum cleaner or air conditioner? This happens because some devices that draw a lot of power, placing a high electrical demand put on the power supply then they are turned on. This means that the light bulbs in your house receive less electricity for a moment, and they flicker.

This is common in older houses with older wiring. Nowadays, any appliances that draw a lot of currents, such as an electric cooker will be wired on separate circuits. This will eliminate flickering as any problems will be confined to that circuit only. If your lights are constantly flickering, then you need an emergency electrician.

Your Switches Are Warm to the Touch

Have you reached for your light switch to turn it off and found that it is hot to the touch? This is a sure sign of an electrical problem. Switches are rated for different levels of power. Most switches are rated at 15A, so if it is in a circuit drawing more than this, it can get hot.

A light switch is used frequently, and the contacts will wear out over time allowing more current to flow through the switch causing heat. Faulty wiring can also cause the switch to heat up.

The Switches Give Mild Electric Shocks

When you touch an appliance do you experience a small electrical shock? Is it the same when you touch a switch? It could be due to a build-up of static electricity, but if it happens more frequently It may be that lingering current is getting stored in the appliance, and it may need checking by an emergency electrician. If the shock is coming from the switch there could be too much demand on the circuit, or something more complex and dangerous.

You Live in an Older Home

A modern home will have plenty of power outlets, but this is not the case for an older home. If your power outlets are starting to look strange then, you need to upgrade your wiring and put in more power outlets. A power outlet that is overloaded with too many plugs will be dangerous because your electrical system will be working beyond its limits, overheat, and may start a fire!

If you open a power outlet and discover pieces of black rubber or that the wiring is covered in cloth rather than plastic, you have older wiring. This means that it no longer conforms to today’s safety codes.

An older home may have outlets that will not take three-prong grounded plugs and could mean that your electrical wiring system is not fully grounded. Not being grounded means that you are not completely safe from getting an electric shock.

Larger than Expected Electric Bills

Pardon the pun but it can be a bit of a shock to receive a larger than expected electric bill. If you are using more power-hungry appliances then the increased bill could be down to a problem in your electrical system. Any old, worn, or damaged wiring could mean your appliances and lighting are using more electricity.

Why Choose Mister Sparky of Conway, SC?

We take great pride in serving the community of Conway. Many of us live in or near Conway. We have families and fully understand the stress you are under when you require an emergency electrician.

An electrical emergency can happen at any time and is not particular about choosing weekends, holidays, or times of the day. If you need an emergency electrician in the middle of the night, we will be there for you.

Every Electrical company boasts that they are the best but only Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach delivers on that pledge. If you have an electrical emergency, then call Mister Sparky immediately to inspect the problem and to protect your life! Remember if we are not on time the repair is free!

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