Your Highly Rated Electrical Service Provider | Shallotte, NC

Your Highly Rated Electrical Service Provider | Shallotte, NC

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You must have heard of various cases in point where there was an electrical fault that turned fatal or rather, led to huge losses. Or the times when  an unskilled person who attempted to fix an electrical problem ended up electrocuted and dead. Well, this just shows how electricity, as good as it is, on the flip side is sensitive to handle. Well, worry no more as our team of trained and skilled electricians at Mister Sparky are here to render all electrical services you need safely and with professionalism.

Mister Sparky, Shallotte, NC is a reputable electrician firm serving the larger North Carolina region but has now expanded to other regions. This is a privately-owned company that has withstood the test of time for offering quality services, guaranteed customer satisfaction and on time delivery of electrical services; facts that has cemented it as an industry leader.

Why Should You Choose Mister Sparky?

When you partner with us for electrical services, we offer beyond what you asked for, making our customers get more value. Here are some benefits that imprint the difference in the market:

On-time Services

Mister Sparky has been dubbed the Punctual electrician and true to that, the company in deed offers services to our customers on time. We value your time and hence respond with speed in bid to contain that frustrating situation.

Skilled Manpower

This is not just a team of electricians, they are sourced from the very best and vetted by a board to ascertain that they are the craftiest workforce to propel the Mister Sparky Shallotte, NC mission and vision.

Pricing Guidelines

We have a clear and straightforward policy on pricing that our electrician will give before commencing on any electrical works. This eliminates late bill surprises and hence gives you peace of mind

We Work Without Mess

Once we are done fixing a problem, we ensure we clean everything up.

2-Year Guarantee

In providing all electrical services, we commit to offer quality services in terms of efficiency and value. In addition, we conduct annual inspections and regular repairs if need be. We even go an extra mile to replace faults at no cost within this period.

Positive Customer Reviews

No one gives honest information about a product than the user since they are in immediate touch with the electrical systems. Mister Sparky is proud to have positive customer feedback sharing their contentment, satisfaction, machine performance among other things.

Services Offered at Mister Sparky

Electric Installation, Repair and Maintenance

This is generally a wide area that has many applications from electricity management, upgrades, electrical appliances sale to installation of electric powered devises. Mister Sparky Shallotte, NC has been at the industry apex for having a pool of super talented, innovative, trained and licensed electrician who are able to seamlessly handle all electrical problems. The team of experts live in and around Shallotte, NC hence able to serve you better and with speed; same day electrical service is our promise.

Our scope of service delivery is not time limited, we are flexible to offer both day and night service as most electrical issues are unforeseen and can happen at any time. The boon is that all our customers get to enjoy 2-year warranty for all appliances purchased from us, guaranteed repair and great services.


We are experts in various types of light installation from interior, exterior to landscaping lighting. We provide the best illumination using state of art tools that are durable and high performing. For indoor lightning we give options of ceiling fixtures, bedside lamp, chandelier, pendant light and alcove lighting with various modern and artistic ways to install. Our technicians similarly know best to do vast exterior lighting ordinarily used as outdoor security reasons such as post lights and flood lights.

Landscaping lighting is done to enhance the scenery and provide great ambience such as on walkways, home garden, pavement and backyard. A great electrical service we are proud masters of. Give us a call today and we will gladly be at your service.


Fabricating a wiring system is one of the electrical services we provide at Mister Sparky Shallotte, NC. Our electrician understands that there are laid down federal electrical wiring system guideline that for example generally allow standard electric circuits to be of either 120 volts or 240 volts for home use.

Mister Sparky has also complied with the National Electrical Code along with the National Fire Protection Association in ensuring quality and safety. We strongly advise that you seek electrical services from us even when they appear simple as if anything may not go wrong which is likely to be dangerous.

Ceiling Fans Installation and Repair

Ceiling fans is one home appliance motor powered by electricity. Mister Sparky, the electrician specializes in its installation, wiring and rewiring, and subsequent maintenance. We deal with a variety of ceiling fans from stack motor ceiling fan that is energy efficient and easy to operate, cast iron fans, to belt driven ceiling fans among many others. Quality and excellence in electrical services provision is an underlined value applied uniformly to all customers.

Honorary Recognition

Due to exemplary market presence and performance, Mister Sparky has received some coveted titles and awards such as:

  • The 2014 through to 2017 Angie’s List Super Service Award
  • BBB A+ Accredited Business
  • Listed among the Home Advisor Top-rated companies
  • Screened and Approved Home Advisor and
  • Briggs & Stratton Diamond Dealer title

For addition information about us and what we do, please visit us at our website where you will find more about Mister Sparky service areas near you. Partner with us, your electrical need will be well met.

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