Electrical Hazards That Lead to the Need for Electrical Repairs in Shallotte, NC

Electrical Hazards That Lead to the Need for Electrical Repairs in Shallotte, NC

While electricity has led to many opportunities for us, our modern reliance on it means that our homes are now filled with electrical equipment and sockets.

From the socket on the wall to the wire lying on the ground, we are literally surrounded by electrical equipment at our home. However, while it is good to benefit from this technology, we fail to realize the electrical hazards around our home, and how they can eventually lead to risk of life and also lead to the need for electrical repairs in Shallotte, NC.

Here we mention some of the most common electrical hazards that are common across our home, and how they can lead to different electrical repairs in Shallotte, NC.

They say precaution is better than regret, so note down the items in this list and make the necessary changes to ensure that your home is clean and clear of all electrical hazards and other impediments that pose a threat to life within the home.

Poor Wiring

Having good quality wiring is one of the first things that you should ensure within your home. Good quality wires not only safeguard the interest of everyone at your home. But also ensure the longevity of your electrical equipment. By keeping good quality wires within your home, you are not only taking measures to keep everyone safe, but you’re also ensuring that your electrical equipment last a lifetime.

All kinds of damaged, cracked and worn out wires should be fixed during electrical repairs in Shallotte, NC. The failure to get these wires fixed can lead to danger to human life and your electrical components.

Some electrical hazards in this connection include:

  • Loose and improper electrical connections and switches
  • Frayed extension cords for appliances
  • Cracked insulation for wires
  • Wires and electrical components that get heated up pretty soon
  • Electrical wires that have had their external insulation chewed upon by rodents and mice

Outlets Close to Water

Homeowners often do not realize the concept of basic physics while setting the design for their home. One of the concepts of basic physics is that both water and electricity do not go hand in hand. In fact, they never go hand in hand, which is why the best way forward is to separate electrical outlets or socket from areas where water is abundant.

Now, you cannot end up removing a socket from your bathroom or any other area that includes a water source, but the way forward is to ensure that there is sufficient distance between both the electrical socket and the source of water.

This distance is extremely necessary, as it ensures that the water and the electricity do not mix with each other. In the case that your electrical sockets are exposed to flowing water, you will soon experience the need for electrical repairs in Shallotte, NC if your sockets aren’t well taken care of and if you are not ensuring their safety.

Wet Hands

Even if your sockets are positioned away from a water source, you wouldn’t be doing much justice to yourself by handling an electrical socket with wet hands. Your hands should always be dry and clean when you handle electrical sockets, as the combination of wet hands and electricity is not the most docile.

In fact, if you’re out of luck you can get quite a big electrical shock if you handle an electrical socket with wet hands. Such shocks also damage electrical equipment and increase the need for an electrical repair in Shallotte, NC.

So, from today onwards, make it a habit that you don’t reach out for your hair dryer or any other electrical equipment or socket when your hands are wet. Such usage can be extremely detrimental and can have long lasting repercussions.

Pouring Water on Electrical Fires

While your first plan of action should be to stop electrical fires from occurring, but if they do occur, you should try your very best to not pour water to turn them down.

Electrical fires usually have a leak circuit, or a damaged breaker. Now, in both of these cases you would have loose electricity coming out from somewhere. Being the chief reason for such a fire, loose electricity will almost always react to water being thrown at it and would use the drops of water as a passage to the person who is throwing that water.

And, since you don’t want to give yourself a shock while handling electrical fires, it is best that you avoid this mistake. A fire extinguisher can come in extremely handy in such a case, as it makes sure that the fire is extinguished within the given time. Additionally, if you see an electrical fire nearby you, try to call for help in the form of the fire brigade immediately. Do not take things in your own hands, and trust the resources you have nearby above your own judgment of throwing water on the flames.

Extension Cords

Extension cords should be positioned in a clever way, so that they reduce the chances of you tripping over them or causing any accident. Extension cords should only be temporary substitutes and should never be used as permanent alternatives to sockets. Having extension cords is damaging for electrical equipment, and most definitely brings forth the need for electrical repairs in Shallotte, NC. Limit your use of extension cords, and make sure that the wires are spread safely, especially if you have kids.

We, at Mister Sparky Myrtle Beach have an expert team that provides professional services. We handle all electrical repairs in Shallotte, NC and make sure that you don’t get hurt and your electricity problems are addressed effectively and with caution. You can contact us here or give us a call at 843-213-6610 and get a free estimate.



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