Electrical Services Tip: Warning Signs Of Bad Wiring | Myrtle Beach, SC

Electrical Services Tip: Warning Signs Of Bad Wiring | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Outdated and poorly maintained electrical wiring can be very dangerous. Faulty electrical wiring causes over 51,000 fires annually, about 500 deaths, more than 1400 injuries, and costs homeowners over 1.3 billion dollars in property damage.

You can prevent most of these electrical-related problems if you have a regular inspection of the electrical wiring. If you reside in an older home and have not updated the wiring, then it’s time to do so because it may be wearing down.

Plus, the wiring was fitted to meet the power demands when there were no refrigerators, laptops, and dryers that needed more power. Some electrical-related problems, such as damaged extension cords, are easy to fix.

Tripping circuit breakers, flickering lights, and dead outlets will require you to seek electrical services from a local provider to diagnose them. You should be aware of the following warning signs of faulty wiring.

Lighting Problems

A common sign of a damaged wiring system is bulb burnouts, flickering, buzzing, dimming, or switch failures. When a light bulb burns out, some homeowners may blame the manufacturer for producing a low-quality product. But the quality of a bulb may have nothing to do with bulb burnouts.

In most cases, bulbs burn out when there is excess voltage or improper connection. If you experience bulb burnouts more often, you should engage a professional for electrical service and have the electrical system inspected as well.

Another sign of bad wiring is flickering or dimming lights, and it usually happens for about a second. The problem may not be with the light fixtures because they draw a small quantity of power.

Lights could flicker if you have too many appliances connected to the same circuit. If this happens more frequently and for a prolonged time, it’s advisable to seek electrical services to upgrade your Myrtle Beach, SC home’s wiring system. An electrician can install a different line, specifically for appliances that require a large amount of power.

Frequently Tripping Breakers

It’s normal for a circuit breaker to trip, and it usually happens when multiple appliances source power from the same circuit. Electrical services professionals install circuit breakers in homes to safeguard appliances from damages occurring due to short-circuiting or circuit overloads.

These devices are designed to disrupt the flow of electric current when you have too many appliances running. So, when circuit breakers trip, you should not worry. However, if it happens repeatedly, you should consider contacting a reliable electrical company for electrical service to avoid a bigger problem within your wiring system.

A circuit breaker may trip if you have outdated wiring that cannot handle the power demands. Also, it can happen when you have appliances such as dryers and HVAC that require more power to operate.

Frequently resetting the circuit after it has tripped can damage it. If the circuit isn’t working, you may risk fire hazards when you have an overloaded circuit. Consider contacting a reliable company for electrical services and have a lasting solution.

Shocking Switches and Outlets

In the United States, electric shocks result in about 10,000 deaths annually, with over 400 of such incidents resulting from exposure to high-voltage electric current and 50 to 300 occur due to lightning.

If you experience shock when you touch a switch or an outlet, it means there’s a circuit shorting out. Electric shocks can happen if the wire loses its insulation or if the switch is faulty.

Also, it may occur when you plug a device into it. Whatever the case, such shocks are physically unpleasant, and you need to seek electrical services sooner before they can claim someone’s life. An electrician can help you replace faulty switches and outlets and insulate exposed wires.

Frayed Wires

Any visible wire damages should be an issue of concern. However, some homeowners take it lightly, thinking that it’s minor damage and may not cause any problem. Even if it looks small, you better hire an electrical services company to have it fixed right away.

Exposed electrical wires can put you and your family at risk of fires or electric shocks. If your home has recently experienced a pest problem, you should inspect the wires for any damages.

Look for bite marks on the wires. Even if the wiring looks fine, such bites can penetrate deeper to exposed live wires. Also, if you have a home remodeling project, consider checking for exposed wires, and if you spot any, call a technician to repair or replace them since they can present fire and shock hazards.

Unusual Sounds

When in proper condition, electric power runs smoothly and silently. But if you can hear a buzzing sound, it means the wiring is faulty. It could mean you have frayed wires, loose connections, or damaged outlets, and you may need help from your Myrtle Beach, SC electrical services provider.

Exposed wires cause uneven flow of current, which produces a buzzing sound. If the noise comes from the outlet, you should not use it until you hire an electrician to fix it. If you are uncertain of the possible source, the entire electrical wiring may need a thorough inspection and necessary repairs.

Burning or Strange Odors

A burning smell is a common electrical problem that you should never ignore. You should call an electrical services provider the sooner you see smoke or smell a burning odor. It indicates that some wires could be burning behind the walls.

To minimize the risk of a potential fire outbreak, you should unplug all devices connected to the circuit and trip the circuit breaker manually as you wait for an electrician. If you can smell other weird odors, you shouldn’t ignore them.

Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach: An Electrician You Can Trust

The above signs can help you know when you have problems with your electrical wiring. It would help if you did not ignore them or fix them yourself since electricity is dangerous and can cause death.

That’s why you should seek electrical services from Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach. We are a locally owned and operated business serving Myrtle Beach, SC, residents, and the surrounding areas. Our trained electricians offer electrical services, including electrical wiring upgrades and installation, outlet repairs, and generator installation. If you ever need us, call us. We are available 24 hours a day.

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