Electrical Contractor Information: When To Call | Myrtle Beach, SC

Electrical Contractor Information: When To Call | Myrtle Beach, SC

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The best teacher in any business is experience. What makes a great electrical contractor is the ability to meet or exceed the customer’s expectations. At Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach, we deliver quality services every time. Our electricians are licensed, certified, and trained to tackle both large and small projects. Electrical issues can arise at any time, causing major, sustainable damage to buildings and structures. What most customers might not realize is that electrical problems are preventable. When faulty wirings are speculated the next step is to hire a professional electrical team that knows the ins and outs of electricity.

Mister Sparky has been serving customers with their electrical contractor services in and around Myrtle Beach, SC for years. Fires are the result of faulty or outdated wiring. Older homes and buildings are often grandfathered in and accepted in some instances. Nevertheless, regardless of how solid a foundation might be, if the electrical outlets and wiring are not up to date, the potential for a fire hazard is imminent.

Fires cause millions of dollars in damages each year, leaving consumers without insurance struggling to get the necessary repairs. However, the cost of recovering from a fire is more expensive than prevention. Preventing a fire hazard starts with hiring a team of electrical contractors to inspect, install, and repair electrical problems.

What Are the Dangers of Faulty Wiring?

Inoperable outlets and switches- Oftentimes, when light switches stop working, and the appliances plugged into the wall socket are not turning on. It might be a blown fuse or perhaps a more serious problem. More than likely, the electrical problem is due to a cracked outlet, outdated wiring, or loose or defective wiring. Any of these issues or a combination of two or more issues could be a potential fire danger. However, it might be tempting to try and correct the problem, without noting what potential life-threatening danger it imposes. To ensure that all future damages are eliminated, it is recommended that a professional electrical contractor be contacted immediately.

Mister Sparky’s electrical contractors inspect all areas of interest that might be defective. Defective outlets can start fires inside the walls, and any nearby materials can catch fire. Be sure to remove any flammable materials from electrical outlets. Another indicator of a bad outlet is a burning smell, this is easy to detect. Nevertheless, the defective source will have burn marks on the outside, which makes finding the problem essential to prevent further damage. Plugging anything into a defective outlet can also cause an electrical shock. A melting outlet is even worse or just as bad. The sooner the outlets are replaced the safer the structure.

Electrical and Structural Fire- Anyone planning on purchasing a new home or building can benefit from the professional services of a qualified electrical contractor. An electrical contractor accepts jobs from other contractors, or companies looking for reputable technicians. Some contractors are limited in what type of work they perform, while others like Mister Sparky are advanced in many areas of electrical services. We rewire buildings and homes and make them safer than they were before. Most electrical fires start in the ceiling when frayed wires are exposed to certain elements. The exposed wiring can cause sparks, blackouts, dim lights, flickering, and even fires.

Nevertheless, before a fire breaks out, there may be some associated sounds that can be heard. For example, there may be crackling sounds, sizzling, or buzzing sounds coming from the source of the problem. These sounds are clear indicators that something is amiss. More so than ever, it is imperative to take any sign of electrical issues seriously and notify a qualified electric contractor immediately.

Short Circuit Overload-Short circuiting happens when too much electricity is sent to a circuit that is not capable of handling the amount of electrical flow. Overloading causes the circuit breaker to trip, due to its overheating. Tripping is a sure-tell sign that an electrician needs to inspect the electrical system and most likely do some rewiring. However, only a professional electrician can determine the extent of the problem and often a suitable solution. There are times when a circuit breaker will trip occasionally, which indicates that one appliance is pulling more current than another appliance. However, when this occurs frequently, this is an indication of a more serious issue. It could also mean that the circuit breaker itself is bad and needs to be replaced.

Mister Sparky specializes in replacing bad circuit breakers, in addition to restoring the right amount of current. When the right flow of current is sent to the circuit breaker the potential for overloads, tripping and fires are eliminated. Circuit breakers that constantly trip need to be checked to ensure that the components are not damaged.

Frayed Wiring- Frayed wiring can spark easily and is known to cause damage to the surrounding insulation. Insulation inside a closed wall cannot be seen, allowing a fire to start unnoticed. To prevent such a disaster, contact an electrical contractor and opt-in for a full fire prevention inspection.

Where Can I Find a Great Electrical Contractor in Myrtle Beach, SC?

Great contractors are hard to find, especially contractors that specialize in everything electrical. Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach offers the best customer service in and around the Myrtle Beach, SC area. When a customer’s safety depends on sound wiring, working electrical outlets, and quality services, Mister Sparky rises to the occasion to ensure that every customer gets the best service. Our team of licensed and certified electricians are part of a growing team of professionals, which are in high demand throughout the U.S. No one knows fire prevention like the Team Mister Sparky. To get your property inspected, upgraded, or repaired, give Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach a call at (843) 894-0898.

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