Electrical Watchdogs: How Protective Devices Can Help You Avoid Emergency Electrician Visits | Myrtle Beach, SC

Electrical Watchdogs: How Protective Devices Can Help You Avoid Emergency Electrician Visits | Myrtle Beach, SC

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When we get a call for an emergency electrician visit, after the problem is solved we reflect on how it could have been avoided. Electrical wiring and equipment in a home is complex and often the passage of time by itself can lead to issues. Variations in wiring standards and practices and damage from rodents, plumbing leaks, and even picture-hanging incidents can lead to situations where overheating, arcs, and shock risks arise. Inquisitive children can create hazards that should be resolved by professionals, and lightning or power station disruptions can send spikes down the line that cause costly damage to expensive electronics and even air conditioning equipment requiring an emergency electrician’s help. Fortunately, at Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach, SC, we have protective devices and equipment, along with new wiring standards and fixtures, that provide a wide range of solutions to everyday home electrical hazards.

Grounded Outlets and Childproof Outlets

If your home still has two-pronged outlets anywhere, you can make a big safety upgrade by having the proper wiring and grounded outlets installed. This will provide modern protection against shock and fire to devices that are plugged into this properly grounded outlet with a three-pronged cord. Running new grounded wiring will also ensure that you have updated wires in your home, avoiding any risks from old and brittle or damaged wiring, a particularly common source of emergency electrician calls. Beware of grounded outlets installed without the proper wiring, as they can give the illusion of protection until the critical moment when they are needed. Modern outlets also offer childproof connections, where the plug fits normally but a single piece of metal, such as that which might be inserted by a curious child, will encounter a shutter that doesn’t release until the whole plug is being inserted, occupying both parallel spaces.

GFCI Protection Where Water and Electricity Might Meet

If you’ve ever had one hand on a wet counter and touched your toaster, or stood on wet ground and picked up your power tool outside, you may have felt a tingle or worse, an electric shock as power passed through you to water. GFCI protection is installed as part of power outlets in areas where these kinds of scenarios are possible, such as kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor patios. The device senses the potential shock and acts as a circuit breaker, popping a small button out that can be reset easily once the danger is corrected. These lifesavers have long been standard equipment in new and remodeled homes and would be a great addition to your home if they’re not already in place.

AFCI Circuit Breakers for Wiring Problems that Could Ignite

A newer, but now standard part of new home construction is the AFCI circuit breaker, which watches not only for the traditional overload but for certain signs of wiring issues such as arcing and sparking. When the device senses these types of issues, it opens the circuit as it would for an overload, and at that point, the problem should be investigated by an emergency electrician to determine the cause. Arcing and sparking are often the results of loose or broken wiring or poor connections hidden from view in outlet boxes, switches, and fixtures, all of which have the potential to ignite nearby materials and start a fire. This technology is a critical new development in the battle to prevent hidden electrical problems from causing major fires resulting in loss of property and life.

Whole-House Lightning Arrestors for Protection by Default

When storms pass by, there’s always the risk of a nearby lightning strike causing high voltage spikes on your power line. They can travel from other locations in the area and yet enter your home through power wiring and cause significant damage to your appliances, electronics, and any other electrical equipment. A strong enough nearby hit can cause damage to your wiring, as well. Many homes have a power strip containing some form of lightning protection that protects their computer system and accessories, but a whole-house unit provides default coverage for everything plugged or wired in throughout the home.

Whole-House Surge Protection Keeps All Your Gear Covered

Similar to a lightning arrestor, having us install a whole-house surge protector covers the home’s electrical equipment and electronics against damage. This damage can come from power surges, which are power spikes resulting from variations in electrical loads and other power issues that can arise from nearby transformer issues, disruption of power lines by car accidents or tree limbs, and more major power issues at local substations. Surges can also arise from within the home when powerful equipment is started up including high current 240V motors, HVAC equipment, and similar high load devices. With whole-house protection, these spikes are diverted to the ground, so you don’t even have to have an emergency electrician reset the device after it has protected your equipment.

Home Electrical Inspections

Having seen too many electrical fires and other damage and injury, our emergency electricians can provide careful reviews of your home’s electrical wiring, fixtures, and protective devices. They’ll make sound, practical suggestions where upgrades are needed. They can also help with wiring outside of your home, such as to your garage, outbuilding, or patio, which often should be upgraded to provide more effective protection against damage and stormy weather.

Your Prevention-Oriented Emergency Electrician in Myrtle Beach, SC

At Mister Sparky of Myrtle Beach, our team of emergency electricians is ready to respond when you have dangerous electrical situations or power loss in your home. They’re also ready to check your home for outdated equipment that can be replaced with newer gear that will provide your family with the necessary protection. We welcome your orders for upgraded outlets, wiring, and protective devices, knowing that they will help you avoid emergency electrician calls in the future and the possible damage or injury electrical problems can cause. Give us a call and make an appointment today.

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