Electrician Tips: Common Problems Of Ceiling Fans In Homes | Myrtle Beach, SC

Electrician Tips: Common Problems Of Ceiling Fans In Homes | Myrtle Beach, SC

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There are multiple types of circulating fans, including ceiling, wall, floor, and table fans. These appliances are essential for your home, especially during hot summers, since they cool down the indoor temperatures to provide comfort.

Homeowners in Myrtle Beach, SC, that find it uneconomical to invest in air conditioning units can opt for ceiling fans. Like any other devices in residential properties, ceiling fans are susceptible to operation and structural defects that can inhibit their performance levels. Mentioned are some of the problems your ceiling fans can display.

Abnormal Noises

Ceiling fans are electrical appliances with moving parts, making them susceptible to producing some kind of noise. Although some noises are normal, others are core irritants and wouldn’t make you concentrate while watching your best TV series or working from home.

You’ll need to lubricate the moving parts if your fan has run for several years. However, you may not fix humming noises only through lubrication. Ensure you seek troubleshooting services from an electrician to eliminate the irritating noises and restore calmness in your home.

The electrician should assess all moving and non-moving components, tightening any loose nuts and replacing the missing ones.

Slow-Moving Blades

Slow-moving blades are a sure sign your fan’s motors have electrical issues. The motors will stop running and eventually make the blades go silent if you don’t seek immediate electrical services to fix the problem.

It often occurs when the motors overheat and burn out when there’s a high voltage flowing through. Overheating could imply the capacitors or resistors are defective. It’s because their function is to control electrical currents flowing to the fan motors.

Reach out to your favorite electrical company immediately after discovering your fan blades are moving slow. The electrical professional assigned to you should be able to identify and fix the exact problem promptly.

Installing the Wrong Size

Due to misinformation, you may purchase a big or small fan and unluckily get a non-ethical electrician to fix the new ceiling fan so you can start enjoying the fresh air in your home immediately. The unprincipled quack will handle the installation quickly, make payment requests, and leave as fast as possible.

Some homeowners have wrong priorities, for instance, choosing fans to satisfy aesthetics over your functioning needs. Having too big fans will make the fanned rooms feel like wind tunnels, blowing off anything light that comes their way. It can be an irritating incident.

On the other hand, installing small fans can facilitate the supply of inadequate air into your home, making the tough summer indoor temperatures in your home unbearable. Ensure you consult with a licensed and ethical electrical company before buying a ceiling fan and let the professional handle the installation.

Defective Remote Controller

Remote controllers for any electrical appliance add some comfort while using the electrical devices. For instance, you can switch on your television, lights, or ceiling fan by only pressing one button while relaxing on your cozy sofa. However, the remotes can sometimes jam and inconvenience you from these privileges.

The common problem with unresponsive remotes is weak batteries. However, it’s time to replace your ceiling fan remote if it doesn’t work even after inserting brand-new batteries.

You can look at the warranty on your fans and contact the manufacturer for a new remote, which you may get at no charge. Consult with your electrician to help you get the same brand and quality of remote if the warranty is expired.

Improper Installation

There are safety regulations you should follow when installing ceiling fans in your home. The blades could be dangerous to dwellers in your home, especially the tall ones if installed very close to the floor. The blades can also misalign when they hit a person or furniture in your house.

Your certified electrician should install the fans approximately 7 to 9 feet above the floor. Additionally, the ceiling fans should be 10 to 12 inches below the ceiling to prevent tampering with your ventilator. If you notice ventilator issues in your home, it implies a quack installed the fans. Get an electrician from a reliable electrical company in Myrtle Beach, SC, to troubleshoot the problem and fix it.

Damaged Ceiling Fan

If you switch on your ceiling fan and it doesn’t respond, it means there could be a hidden problem that needs to be looked at immediately by your electrical professional. Some of the probable causes of a quiet ceiling fan include electrical or capacitor faults.

Since you don’t have the experience to know the root cause of the issue, look for an electrical technician to troubleshoot the fan and fix any arising defects. The electrician can recommend a whole unit replacement if the fan has served you for years, but a new system can warrant replacements for the specific damaged parts.

Wobble Issues

Almost all ceiling fans can experience this problem at some point in their lifespan. Wobbles usually happen as a result of wrong blade balancing. The whole ceiling fan can wobble if space intervals between the blades are wrong, or rather, the blades are crooked.

You can buy special kits such as little weights and use them to straighten up the bent or off-centered blades. It’s a short-term solution since these kits may not work effectively to eliminate the problem permanently.

It’s because there might be other underlying problems, including a loose down rod. The best step to take at this point is to look for an electrician specializing in ceiling fan repairs. The electrician will first measure the distance between fan blades to ensure they display off-centering problems. Afterward, the specialist will use a ceiling fan balancing kit to test for different weights to stop the wobble issue.

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