Why Go Solar? 6 Reasons To Have Electrical Contractors Install Solar Panels On Your Home | Myrtle Beach, SC

Why Go Solar? 6 Reasons To Have Electrical Contractors Install Solar Panels On Your Home | Myrtle Beach, SC

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Contrary to popular belief, going solar doesn’t necessarily imply that you have to install the panels on your property to enjoy its endless benefits. In 2019, the concept of community solar, which involves creating a large solar panel farm that can serve hundreds or even thousands of homesteads, began gaining popularity.

It’s currently prevalent in Colorado, California, Minnesota, and Massachusetts, with a promising vision of expanding to all the other states. With that in mind, the decision to move to solar energy should be hassle-free and highly advantageous. Since, after all, you’ll be getting free power, for as long as the sun shines, after making just the first payment.

Below are some more reasons you should reach out to electrical contractors to help you shift to renewable and sustainable solar power as soon as possible.

Solar panels increase your property value

According to an innovative formula developed by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, for every dollar saved on energy utility bills due to solar energy use, you add 20 more onto the value of your property. This value only gets better if you live in a region where the power rates are relatively higher.

Even though your property location determines this correlation, homeowners in Myrtle, Beach, SC, can rest assured that solar panel installation is a worthy investment. Research shows no cases of the value of a property declining because of solar power installation.

That aside, you can have electrical contractors install solar products, such as solar umbrellas to boost your home’s aesthetic appeal while still saving some money from the ever-inflating energy bills. This could also help you get a better deal when you decide to sell.

Protect the environment

As the name suggests, solar systems produce clean energy from the sun, the ultimate source of all life on planet Earth. As opposed to traditional electricity sources, solar power has contributed significantly to reduced greenhouse gas emissions and a lower carbon footprint for solar-fitted homes. Traditionally, electricity was derived from the burning of fossil fuels and natural gas. This phenomenon has resulted in widespread air pollution and an unprecedented global climate change, also known as global warming.

The traditional technique of generating power also requires a lot of water to cool the machines involved. In this context, it has resulted in significant water pollution. This situation can change with the increased adoption of renewable power sources such as solar and wind that require minimum to no water to generate electricity. Therefore, by calling certified electrical contractors to install solar panels in your home, you’re playing your part in preserving mother nature.

Positive return on investment

Solar panel installation is a great way to realize a positive return on investment on your property. The majority of homeowners can pay off the initial solar purchase cost after about seven or eight years, after which they can realize a positive ROI of up to 30 percent. This ROI is attributable to the free power you will be using for the remaining 25 years or more, which allows you to save on the ever-rising energy rates.

That aside, you can earn a positive ROI from your solar energy unit through local or state government tax incentives for businesses and homes fitted with solar panels. The overall return on investment also depends on the initial cost of purchase and panel installation, technological characteristics of your home’s system, climatic conditions of where you live, and the increase in property value. In this regard, calling contractors near you to install solar panels may not be such a bad idea.

Excellent Plan B

The occasional power outage is quite inevitable. It could happen to any homeowner since the causation factors may be well out of anyone’s control. It could be due to electrical contractors completing maintenance routines on the power line your home uses or due to natural disasters such as storms and earthquakes that lay waste to the power grid.

Regardless, it can be quite inconvenient, especially for home and business owners who rely on electric power for their daily activities. By requesting a solar panel installation service from professional electrical contractors, this can be a thing of the past.

Homeowners in Myrtle Beach, SC, can significantly benefit from such a transition since power outages in South Carolina are known to last for up to 20 hours.

You can sell excess power generated by your solar panels

Recent solar energy models have reverse transportation technology that conveniently allows homeowners to export excess energy from their systems to the local, regional, and the national grid. Depending on the state you reside in, most governments are willing to pay homeowners for the excess energy exported from their homes.

However, the amount you make from such deals depends on the quality of your system’s inverter. In light of this information, about 40 states provide remunerations to homeowners seeking such arrangements. However, privately-owned power companies do not offer cash but instead apply favorable credit terms that allow you to foot your energy bills when your system isn’t generating excess power. Nonetheless, you will always have something to gain by requesting electrical contractors to install solar panels in your home.

No home improvement is beyond your reach

A myriad of factors affects the rate of energy consumption of your home, one of the major ones being the electrical appliances you use. Items such as the washing machine, television, refrigerator, hot tub, and AC take up the largest chunk of your energy utility bill.

By hiring electrical contractors to install solar panels in your home, you can easily be able to meet the energy costs associated with high-maintenance appliances such as the air conditioner. The installation may also help you heat the bathtub or swimming pool comfortably. Moreover, you can conveniently heat the swimming pool using solar rings.

In this context, you can use the money you save off of your energy bill to get those appliances you were always afraid of, without having to sweat about the energy bills; after all, the sun is free.

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