When You Should Call an Emergency Electrician | Conway, SC

When You Should Call an Emergency Electrician | Conway, SC

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To get us through the daily grind, electricity pretty much runs everything. We need it to get ready in the morning, to run the homes we live in, to get our work and homework completed and to enjoy the precious downtime we get, whatever time of day that might be.

When things start to go wrong with our electrical units, it can, therefore, play havoc with our lives. What’s more, it can be dangerous, and thousands of fires across the country are caused each month due to faulty electrical wiring. So, when things start going wrong, it’s useful to have an emergency electrician on hand. That’s where Mister Sparky can step in of course. Based in Conway, SC, and covering the surrounding area, we have electricians on call any time of day for any type of electrical service, emergency or routine. If you’re not convinced, or unsure of whether you’ll need an emergency electrician or not, here are some examples of when to call.

A Power Cut

It’s one of life’s quirks that a power outage will occur at the most inopportune times. In the middle of a cliffhanger of your favorite soap, or as you’re getting ready for work, already late. It’s not only frustrating but it can be scary too, especially if you experience a power cut at night and you happen to be home. You should have your emergency flashlight kit at the ready if that happens but you should also be prepared with your phone and the number of your emergency electrician. This is particularly the case if you notice that yours is the only house affected in the neighborhood as it could be an indication that your electrical wiring is not able to handle the load you’re putting on it. An electrician will help you with the immediate problem of getting the power back on as well as organizing the necessary repairs to avoid a power cut in the future. If a power outage does happen in the middle of the night, resist the temptation to leave the call until morning, as there will be appliances in your home, including the fridge and water heater, that need power at all times of day. An emergency electrician, like those at Mister Sparky, is available 24 hour a day, seven days a week.

Water Is Touching Your Outlets

It’s basic, water and electricity together is bad, and most of us are programmed to keep them apart. It can happen, however, that water does come into contact with an electrical outlet, for example, through leaks after heavy rain or via flooding. This will need quick action and you should call an emergency electrician immediately as a safety precaution for you and your family, and as a measure to limit any damage to your property and the contents in your home.

While you’re waiting for your emergency electrician, be sure to remove your family from the premises to avoid touching the water, turn off the lights and unplug any appliances straight away. Switch off the electricity at the mains if you can and start moving any electrical appliances away from the water, if possible. Avoid tackling the problem in too much depth yourself as you could suffer from a nasty shock, this is a situation best left to the professionals. If your outlets have suffered any water damage, your emergency electrician will be able to make an assessment and carry out any repairs.

Is Something Burning?

If your electrics are burning, there’ll be a pungent smell in the air or you’ll notice some discoloration on the affected outlet or appliance. The can be extremely hazardous and you should switch off the electricity at the mains and call an emergency electrician. The burning could be caused by either the appliance or the electrical circuit in your home and may be the result of a power surge. Ideally your electrics will trip to avoid any danger but you should still call an emergency electrician to audit the electrics in your home, so you can avoid this happening in the future. As a long-term measure, they can also install a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) or surge protector for protection down the line.

Seemingly Ordinary Problems

While the power supply should be capable of handling an ordinary household’s electrical usage, you may start to notice that power outages are becoming a routine occurrence. If this is the case, don’t feel the need to wait for an appointment, you can make an emergency call as these regular outages could indicate something could be very wrong with your wiring, such as a faulty connection, or it could even be something more serious. This caution should also be applied if your electrical outlets stop working as well. If you notice this, seek out expert advice and don’t attempt to investigate the problem yourself and you may even be able to get urgent assistance. If it’s the case your outlets are outdated, emergency electrical services can replace these for you as older outlets with exposed wiring can become an emergency if it isn’t one already.

The professionals are trained to deal with any emergency situation at Mister Sparky, and we’ve been keeping our customers’ homes and properties safe and fully running in Conway, SC and Myrtle Beach, SC, with a reliable and 24-hour service.

We can reverse any wire damage, replace faulty units, or proof your house against electrical surges or water damage. Mister Sparky takes its role in the community seriously, and your well being and home safety is our priority. We service businesses as well as residential clients and we can accommodate non-emergency situations through our appointment service too.

To talk about our services or to make an appointment, call us today and keep our phone number to hand in case of an emergency.

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